prototype arundel floor pump

Arundel is, in our minds, mostly associated with ultralight carbon fiber water bottle cages, but they offer a variety of other versions and accessories, too. And that collection is poised to grow with this prototype floor pump.

It’ll have a forged base with CNC’d wood handle that gets a metal logo insert. Stock set up will include a side-levered valve attachment head, but they’ll offer an accessory kit that includes other options. The reasonably sized gauge shows the 160psi / 11bar max pressure in easy to read increments. More pics and other goodies below…

prototype arundel floor pump

prototype arundel floor pump

The pump will be completely rebuildable, price is TBD. The accessory pump head kit includes the Hansel, Gretel and Woodsman parts, which will also be sold individually. They include a press-on and thread-on option in addition to the levered one.



Two newer bar tape options include the Rubber Gecko (natural rubber, $21.95) and Synthetic Gecko (100% silicone foam, $34.95), each available in a variety of colors (rubber colors shown on left, synthetic on right, click to enlarge for texture).


The new Bando ($34.95) is based off their Mandible carbon cage, but made of nylon reinforced plastic with a silicone band. It’ll come with two bands (notice the gray one mounted inside the blue cage) of varying strength, letting you loosen it up for larger bottles…or just run it without the band if you don’t need any extra security. Weight is claimed at 54g.


  1. Have done several rolls of the rubber gekko tape. I quite like it. The Synth Gekko is kinda like a thinner version of ESI’s handlebar tape, but with more texture. I like them both. Excited about the pump. Like all my Arundel stuff…

    • How’s the stretch on the bar tape?

      I see some of their stuff sold in a local bike shop but haven’t tried it on my bars yet. Your experience got me interested.

  2. I wrap it almost everyday on cust. bikes. It might be harder to wrap than some, but you can pull it tight and it looks clean as hell when it’s all finished. I ride without gloves and race with, and it works well doing both.

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