Speedvagen’s Surprise Me paint option is back, with a new design for 2016. Trust them to execute a paint scheme that’ll take your suggestions into consideration but deliver something they say gets “no hints, no regrets”? The 2016 edition gets “new patterns,  big blocks of gradient tones, and hits of vibrant contrasting color.” Want it? Order before the end of the year, doors close on this design on December 31.

Close up pic after the break, along with small new bits from Jet Roll and Crank Brothers…


“With our Surprise Me offering, we promise “No Hints, no regrets”. We’re known for our color work. Dating back to the early years, our customers have a lot of trust in our design sense. They provide a little direction and turn us loose, which is how to best harness our creativity and excitement.” says Sacha White, lead builder and owner of Speedvagen. “We took this one step further, giving people the option to pick a flavor and let us run with it.”

crank brothers highline dropper post remote lever works with any cable actuated dropper post

Looking for a more ergonomic upgrade to your dropper post’s remote control lever? The Crank Brothers Highline remote should work with most any cable-actuated dropper post and features infinite spherical adjustment (360° rotation / 22° tilt), universal mounting positions (top / bottom / left / right), and a simple single bolt hinge locking system that doesn’t require grip removal to install. It’s now sold separately from their Highline post for $/€59.99.


The new Jet XX is a modified, heavier duty version of their MTB roll that adds a holster loop for a CO2 cartridge that keeps it out of the way of other, more randomly shaped items, which lets it keep its small, burrito like shape more easily. It upgrades to metal buttons, which are more durable in extreme weather conditions (read as “freezing cold”) and won’t break if you over load it. Lastly, it adds a second leather strap, giving it a more secure hold under your saddle.


Retail is $70, available now at JustEnoughTools.com.


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