In 2014, Diamondback presented a new theory on aerodynamic bicycles with the Serios TT/Tri bike. It used thicker than normal tube shapes to control the wind, rather than the popular waif-thin blades. Now, they’ve blown all norms out of the water to rocket from T1 to T2 with the all-new Andean.

Designed with aerodynamicist Kevin Quan, it presents the Aero Core concept, which says that the wheels are the most important part of the aero equation. Once those are selected and tires are installed, the best thing you can do is to fill the space between them as much as possible. Of course, a solid sheet would be hell in crosswinds, so they combined Quan’s experience with Dr. Phillippe Lavoie and his grad students at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS).

2017 Diamondback Andean triathlon bike prototype
All images and graphs courtesy of Diamondback.

The concept started out in the UTIAS wind tunnel at half scale to prove the concept. In testing, they found that it was fastest with all of the storage compartments in place:


The gray line shows the Serios with HED Jet 6 front and Jet 9 rear wheels, with Continental Attack 22mm front and Force 24mm rear tires installed. The blue line shows the new Andean with the same cockpit and build as the Serios, without its storage compartments installed. The red line details the drag up to 20º yaw angle (cross wind) with everything installed as shown in the top photo, save for a Jet 9 front / Jet Disc rear wheel.

2017 Diamondback Andean triathlon bike

Final wind tunnel testing was done around HED Jet 6 wheels front and rear, with 24mm front and 26mm rear tires. The Aero Core concept fills in the gap between the center of the wheels, where the most turbulence is, with as much frame as possible. This also essentially takes the crankset out of the crosswind equation. They say the design gave them excellent drag reduction throughout the tested yaw angles.


Supercar aesthetics aside, there are a ton of useful features built into the bike that take full advantage of the massive fuselage.


Tool storage hides inside the main frame with a pop-up “gas cap” style cover.


Food, fuel and other nutrition can be stashed in the bento box section behind, on top of, and in front of the stem, which is hidden from the air by a horizontally placed water bottle.


Behind the seatpost is a slim covered pocket for your cash, cards, etc.

2017 Diamondback Andean triathlon bike


The Diamondback Andean will make its formal race debut at Ironman World Championships in Kona.



It will be available directly from Diamondback only. The move, they say, to direct-to-consumer for this model is two fold. First, it lets them offer the super bike at a better price, making it somewhat attainable. Second, it lets them work more closely with the end user to customize the build and preferences and improve the overall experience. We’re guessing it may also be a move to increase their reach beyond the existing dealer base. Prices start at $4,779.99 for the base build, which is in no way low end, and moves up to $8,069.99 with Dura-Ace Di2. Click the spec/price sheet to enlarge for all the options.

Want one? They’re taking $500 non-refundable deposits now for delivery in January 2017.



  1. Why are companies putting so much money into aero? Bigger logos. Other interesting fact about this bike, if you lay it on its side, people on the space station can read the brand name.

  2. The chasm between roadie and triathlete grows ever wider. Is there a car carrier that can handle this? One wouldn’t want to have to ride to race venues, especially Kona.

  3. Honestly, this is rad as heck. Good on ya Diamondback for doing something! As much as “regular” bike riders like to disparage tri people and their bikes (stereotypes do exist for a reason though!), the fact remains that there’s some radical engineering and design that goes into this stuff. Wonder how different the response would be if the bike said “CERVELO”, “CANNONDALE”, or “LOOK” on the down tube?

  4. Will this work as a gravel grinder? What about Enduro? Are they planning a Plus size tire option? I want Boost or nothing.
    This thing looks slow/fast. The yaw angle is gonna make it slow/fast.
    will it have room for my inflated ego or will I have to check that at the door?
    Do you think Eddie Fiola could air this at 11 at the pipeline like he did on his GT? ( for the oldschoolers )

    Its a bike that is pushing boundaries. If we can’t embrace that ( you don’t have to like it ) then move on.

  5. The out of the box build quality of every Diamondback I’ve ever seen has been appalling. The rationale to make what’s probably the hardest to work on bike with (probably) terrible build quality direct to consumer is baffling.

    Nice to see them push the limits; shame their business model doesn’t match their engineering.

    • I really like a lot of the bikes that Diamondback has done over the past several years, especially the Haanjo Carbon bikes this year, but I have to agree with you. The 3 DB’s that I assembled during the past two years (the REI that I worked at didn’t stock them, but a few got ordered through us) required some sort of action; 1 Airen was missing a cable guide, and 2 Insights required new BBs in order to get the chain line right (not all cogs were usable from the middle ring). They company was, however, accommodating and easy to work with.

      The price seems competitive enough that they should be able to bump it up a bit to give consumers the security of going through a dealer.

    • FWIW – I have a Haanjo Trail and Sortie 3 and didn’t find much wrong with either one. It really wasn’t different from having any other bike shipped to you in a box. Whatever ‘out of the box build quality’ even means. A derailleur mount looked to have gone on while the paint wasn’t completely dry on the Sortie. That was ALL I could find wrong.

  6. This is awesome. I’m not a triathlete, so I’d never buy one, but when I heard Tri was splitting from the UCI requirements, this is just the level of cray-cray I was envisioning. So cool.

  7. Is this bike UCI legal? Section 1.3.020c of the UCI equipment rules talks about how the seat stays are supposed to be connected to the rest of the bike. As there are no seat stays, is this a legal bike, or is the bike designed for non-UCI time trial/triathlon events?

  8. At least they are trying something new. Garish logo aside, this thing is totally out of the box. If people start using this in competition, I guess we’ll see how well it does…

  9. This bike is BAD ASS and MEAN looking. If I ran, swam and biked in tight brief underwear, I would buy one of these machines. Maybe they should make similar but less insane version for aero road. This is a bike Ben Bostrom would race in a triathlon. Looks like a MotoGP street slayer.

  10. Negative comments aplenty I see. Nice work chaps, nothing like applauding something (sorta) new!

    First the very cool video and now this, DB is on fire right now it seems. Bravo to them for actually having the kazona’s to have a good bash at doing something properly different (and giving the big one to the insane UCI Lugano charter) AND THEN making is available to actually buy. For Tri guys and the likes I am sure this is going to be a big thing.

  11. Curious how much worse a ‘draggy’ bike is compared to the ~650g drag number of this bike?
    And how much does it weigh?
    Seems to be a wee bit of a gulf between this flagship model and the rest of the Costco-level DB fleet, isn’t there? There’s only one DB company, right?

  12. I agree with everyone on this post. Progress sucks! This bike would be way better with a 5 speed rear cassette and if it was made of brazed steel. I can’t wait until the bike industry jumps back in the box and stops making progress. That said, I wish my car still had a carburetor, and my mountain bike was still rigid with cantilever brakes.

  13. I like where their heads are on this. All that storage!!

    Now my problem is what to do with the stockpile of electrical tape, duct tape, and zip ties I own?

    It will be interesting to see how easy/hard fit adjustments and travel breakdown will be.

  14. Hate to hit a wicked crosswind going 40mph while approaching finish line. This kite would become fly very well especially in Kona.

  15. Hey there’s a way to make this thing lighter – just skip the wallet compartment, just have enough space for a credit card… The white collar folks doing this ego driven arms race are just carrying Platinum..

  16. What a joke… If you are going to ride something like this then just get a HPV… those guys can average 55mph+…

    Seriously, if they make a bike that let’s you ride as fast as Merckx did, does that make you

    People that buy this sort of thing should be mocked without mercy.

    • Word SmartthanU

      If they start making bikes this ugly in the future, count me out

      Its POS in terms of aethetics

      give me a Sachs or Pegorettic steel rig any day!!

      no matter what, the engine is still in the legs and heart

    • This is for the guys, who want to purchase speed at trip events. It’s about making events more about the equipment than the rider. Some call it progress. Reminds me of all the buoyant form fitting swim suits everyone was wearing several years ago in the Olympics. It made people faster, it didn’t improve a thing. LOL

  17. people should be required to post their occupation and education level before posting. Cant believe how many mechanical engineers posted on this bike. Just because you dont like it doesn’t mean you have to bash it….. oh wait thats the level we have lowered ourselves to.. SMH

    Will this beast be at interbike next week?

    • When things are simply created to create a larger equipment imbalance at trip events it deserves to be bashed. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. If you can explain in any sane logical manner how this bike improves the sport of trip other than creating a greater equipment advantage between certain riders I’d love to hear it. But i bet you can’t and neither can DB. 🙂

  18. I have no doubts this bike is really fast and possibly even the fastest thing out there. But disc brakes are surely a major compromise. I’m sure they did everything they could to negate their drag but there’s no way in hell that they don’t produce more drag than designing the bike without them. Ha, plus, triathletes have enough trouble changing flats with quick releases and rim brakes. This bike is gonna create a lot of big time losses for age groupers. I 5 minute flat fix(not abnormal for triathletes) will result in 10 minutes of trying to get the wheel out, then giving up and waiting for neutral support where they’ll do the flat fix and you get a time penalty as a side gift.

  19. Once again, a tri manufacturer ignores my innovative idea; A piss gutter that is designed with fluid dynamics that collects any and all piss generated by the rider and allows it to exit the rear of the bike and not collect at the rear brake.

  20. Haters are going to hate, and the people that poop on this bike probably poop on every other bike they see, too. Some will even nitpick disc brakes, or the size of logos…. in the end, who gives a poop. Nice to see a brand that won’t force me out of my retirement savings innovating at the high end. Who cares about UCI legality–I’m not a racer. I’m not Lance, but I’ve met him. I like to go fast and this bike looks (and possibly is) fast. Nice.

    Oh, and I’m a mechanical engineer that worked on aeroplanes and space shuttles and I’ve consulted for F1. But now I just troll websites….

    • “Oh, and I’m a mechanical engineer that worked on aeroplanes and space shuttles and I’ve consulted for F1. But now I just troll websites….” Woohahahahaha. One of the best lines I’ve read on BR to date.

  21. Reinout@Diamondback – This is fantastic, finally someone brave enough to start pushing the boundaries! How much involvement did Steve Hed have? Did you consider continuing the seatpost to bring the layers back together? How does the bike work with a lenticular disc? I want one so bad – can you do a frame / bars only?

      • Much of the fun in cycling IS about the equipment – that is why this web site exists! And you seem to be on it…

        Buy it if you like it, walk past it if you don’t. I feel the same way about hot-pink Pinnarellos or bright yellow kit…. Not for me but more power to you if you dig it.

  22. Reinout@diamondback. A couple questions. There’s no integrated hydration? How do you refill the forward bottle on the fly? Do the discs produce ANY drag? bc any drag is a deal breaker. Did I read that some of the storage compartments are removable? Is that for windy days?

  23. Really needs its own travel case. The P5X has it’s own at 850 bucks. I’m not strapping this or any Uber high dollar bike to a roof.

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