White Industries has a new 30mm spindle for their cranks, and a new Road/Gravel crankset that uses the mountain bike crank arms with the road spindle. All in, the latter could be as light as ~700g with the smaller chainring sizes.

New direct mount chain rings use an officially SRAM-licensed narrow/wide tooth profile that’s Eagle compatible. They’re available in Boost and non-Boost from 28 to 48 teeth, making it perfect for anything from enduro to cyclocross. Retail is $75 to $95. Cranks are $300 for arms and spindle. Pics and more below…





They now offer pretty much any T47 BB you could need, including Shimano and SRAM internal for 86 and 92 mm BB shells, which gives it a flush finish on the frame. Bearings end up in the same place as the external cup models, but it gives the frame builders the opportunity to make their entire BB junction wider and stiffer.



  1. Why get this over Shimano/SRAM/Raceface?

    Heavier and more expensive.
    SLX/X1400 cranks are lighter and cost 2-3x less with chainring and bottom bracket.

      • Comment on American build quality in the mtb industry..by an American “you can drape an American flag over a pig, it wont make it fly”

        Have to agree after Gary fisher couldn’t manage to center a bb shell.

        German or Swiss or it doesn’t count. (comment by a Brit)

  2. Is that new 30mm spindle using the same interface as the RaceFace Cinch or Cannondale Hollowgram? If so this would be another crank option for Fat bikes.

  3. T47 is a “standard” for a threaded BB shell and cups, but which will take a 30mm spindle; there is only one cup size as far as I know.

    So, do the new cranks use 30mm spindles, are there different spindle lengths available, and are the cranks and spindles compatible with other 30mm BB options like say Praxis, Rotor, Chris King, etc???

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