Moskito smartwatch, on top cap

If there’s one thing most bike computers don’t offer, it’s style that you’d actually want to put on your wrist. MOSQUITO, the all-in-one analog smartwatch and speedometer, has been in development for three years by a group of Swiss engineers, designers and frame builders who clearly have an eye for aesthetics.

The MOSKITO is essentially a chronograph watch with a slew of bike computer functions built in including a speedometer, odometer, the ability to set personal challenges, receive call, email or text reminders, and more. All of these functions are crammed into a classy looking Swiss-made watch head that can easily be removed and worn on your wrist too…

Moskito smartwatch, two shot on wristbands

The MOSKITO’s head unit is manufactured in Switzerland and features precision quartz movement with 6 bidirectional motors inside. The head measures 44mm in diameter and 11.9mm deep. The mounting plate simply replaces your top cap and the unit sits neatly atop your steer tube. Alternatively, the unit can be placed further in front of your handlebars by adding MOSKITO’s road bar mount (as seen below). The head attaches to the mounts or a retainer ring on the wristbands with a simple twist-lock mechanism.

Moskito smartwatch, on road bar mount

The MOSKITO is powered by an internal lithium ion battery which the creators say you’ll never have to replace. Run time is anywhere from 6-24 months, and when you do require a charge the head unit plugs into a USB port.

To provide the speedometer and smart notifications the watch must be paired with a smartphone (via Bluetooth 4.0), and you must download the free MOSKITO app. After your ride, you can upload the MOSKITO’s ride data into either Strava or Garmin Connect.

Moskito smartwatch, on wrist

The MOSKITO operates in three different modes. In Time mode users can see the usual seconds, minutes and hours displayed plus the date, any message notifications and a mode indicator. In Speed mode, the watch face functions as an analog display showing your current speed, average speed, distance, hours, how you’re doing versus your personal challenges, and the mode indicator (see MOSKITO’s Kickstarter campaign for a rundown of which dial or hand shows you what info).

The Chrono mode shows seconds, minutes and hours, date, message notifications and indicates what mode you’re in. This mode also adds a stopwatch function that the Time mode does not offer, using the two side buttons to start/stop and reset laps. In the other modes, the side buttons are non-functional and only the top button is used to toggle between modes or to show/hide any notifications.

Moskito smartwatch, Classic and Fly Black Edition

Moskito smartwatch, Fly, three colors

Buyers can choose between the MOSKITO Classic, the Fly or the Fly Black Edition. The Classic’s casing is machined from stainless steel, the face is encased with sapphire glass and it comes with either a leather or nato strap. The Fly’s head is constructed from CNC’d aircraft aluminum with hardened mineral glass, and you can choose between Black, Rose or Yellow nato straps. The Fly Black Edition adds sapphire glass and a black background behind the dial to its stealthy black nato strap. All models can be purchased with either km/h or mph on the dial.

Moskito smartwatch, exploded
*Photos courtesy of MOSKITO

Of course, this kind of elegant design and Swiss quality doesn’t come cheap- Kickstarter supporters are looking at anywhere between $530-725 USD to get their hands on a MOSKITO, and that’s at reduced pre-order pricing. The Kickstarter campaign begins Dec. 1st and if successful, finished units could be shipping as early as April 2017.


  1. That’s going to leave one hell of a suntan after riding 🙂

    Go to the URL and watch the first few seconds of the video:
    When the watch is on the bike, what is left on your wrist is …
    a watch strap with the open frame where the face used to be…

  2. This reminds me of the Omata(which is just another Kickstarter project that has missed deadlines and still hasn’t been released to backers).

    We don’t need a second analog computer.

  3. I think this is Awesome!! …I’d never buy it, but I bet someone will; and power to them for making something different, stylish, and awesome.

  4. We’ve already hashed out the impracticalities of a smallish analog bike computer, but I’d be pretty concerned about the vibrations and road buzz a watch like this would be subject to. Also, the price is basically double that of an Apple watch, and way more expensive than most smartwatches. Sure looks nice though.

    • Hi Allan, thanks for your comment about the M O S KI T O watch. We have been working on the development for a long time, especially with respect to the hands of the watch. We have got a special tooling made for the second hands to absorb the vibrations that results from riding. It is a stronger hand than on normal watches. The same accounts for the small hands. We know the price is high, but it is a high quality piece made by taking best care for employees here in Switzerland.

  5. I dunno. I love the concept. It’s just that bikes get dusty, they fall over, you sweat on them. It doesn’t feel right to perch a $700 instrument in such an exposed location. Sort of like riding in polished Oxford shoes.

  6. How do the smart notifications work on an analogue unit? Does it spell SMS messages out in semaphore? The watch looks nice enough on it’s own, but paired with a bike and rider in lycra simply looks odd, and for a “smart watch”, it’s not very smart as it has to rely on your phone for basically everything. If I’m going to be a fred, I would rather have a fully featured (alti/baro/compass/gps/speed/HR etc) watch like the Suunto on my wrist with which to measure attainment of woo-hoo speed than a steampunk device like this one. Speed on its own is a pretty worthless metric.

    • Hi Dylan, thanks for your comment about the M O S KI T O watch. The idea of the smart notifications is to remind you of a call or an important mail/message you are expecting. If you do not need this function you can easily turn it off in the M O S KI T O App. All the data about altitude/compass/GPS/speed/heart rate are tracked by your phone with our free app. The purpose of the watch is to display the most important data and still having a classic and unique design.

  7. Appreciate the simplicity and mostly the Look with the MpH Dial. Speed is maybe worthless but the most essential Add to feel as a Super-Lycra-Cyborg while actually only generating sweat and acceleration…

  8. Is the watch able to run the speed mode and chrono mode at the same time? I know it can only show one of them at the time, but if speed mode is showing, does the chrono mode keep running in the background?

    A feature that would be much appreciated in a watch like this would be the possibility to choose what each of the hands will show. It wouldn’t be practical to be able to choose for different things for all of the hands, but if I’m no interested in the speed mode showing the time of day or avg speed, it would be cool to make those hands able of showing one or two other options, ex altitude when climbing or cadence/watts if the device is compatible with Garmin devices for an example.

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