With more and more specialization across cycling disciplines, it feels like we hear about some new ‘industry standard‘ every few weeks. But while some companies are introducing bikes that lock you into one standard or even one proprietary component, thankfully some are out there fighting for more universal fits. Miranda is the latest to go down the flexibility road with their new, completely modular crankset system design. An XMOD crankset starts by picking from a whole range of forged aluminum arm sets, then adds on one of a number of modular spiders or even a direct mount chainring, and then finishes off with a modular axles to fit pretty much any bottom bracket width standard. Whether you need a crankset for road, gravel touring, cyclocross, XC mountain, enduro, or DH, the Miranda XMOD lets you piece together exactly what you need…

The extremely modular XMOD bike crankset claims to be the first system world-wide to offer such flexibility. Although each part is specifically designed and engineered for its targeted segment, the fact that they use the same interface makes them entirely interchangeable.

The XMOD crankset is composed of just 3 distinct elements: crank arms, spider & spindle. Each element can be quickly and easily swapped out in every variation to allow you to build a crankset for everything from BMX to road to DH racing. At the heart of the crankset system, they all get built off of titanium spindles that are available in diameters for both BB30 and 22/24mm bottom brackets, and widths to fit everything from road to fat bike.

Then spiders are available in standard BCDs, including 88, 104 & 104/64mm 4-bolts and 110, 110/74 & 130mm 5-bolts for doubles and triples. There are even direct mount single rings with Miranda’s own tall ChainFlow shaped teeth for maximum chain retention.

The arms themselves offer a wide range of options, with 10 different forged alloy arms apparently available, each in a few different lengths suited to their target discipline.

The whole system means you can piece together your own custom crank for your style of riding with weights claimed to start at just 560g. While flexibility is key, Miranda is really about building a future-proof product. When you put together a new XMOD crank you can be sure that when you get a new bike with a new BB standard, the most you’ll have to do is put a new spindle on to bring your favorite crankset over.

Miranda’s cranks are entirely made in the EU from their factories in Portugal. XMOD cranks have been developed and specifically tested with pro riders  on DH, enduro, and road teams, and will be available for purchase starting in the middle of Summer 2017.



  1. Does this mean that I am supposed to have a box of crankset options so that I can swap my cranks before each ride? I could see this targeted at OEMs looking to spec cranks but I don’t see the appear for us regular folks.

    • Really? What if you own a frame with a BB30 bottom bracket and then switch to a new frame with a different BB standard?

  2. “When you put together a new XMOD crank you can be sure that when you get a new bike with a new BB standard, the most you’ll have to do is put a new spindle on to bring your favorite crankset over”

    So the selling point is that if I build a bike now, in several years when I buy a new bike I know I can save $200 bucks by not having to buy a new crank? How many people actually have this problem? I don’t usually bother commenting on an article just to hate, but I really don’t get this at all.

    Oh, and those spiders are super ugly to boot.

  3. I think this is more about a geographical location working towards establishing itself as a duty free bicycle manufacturing/assembly zone to EU markets by offering a highly configurable/accessible crank set to save on import shipping costs/duty/lead times from cranks made in Asia like SRAM and Shimano.

  4. AFAIK you can already attach Sram MTB spider and direct mount rings to Sram S9xx/Rival/Force cranks as well as SRAM road spiders on SRAM MTB direct mount compatible cranks.

    What about the Q-Factor of that crank ?

  5. Cool though really nothing more than a new take on a very old concept. TA – to name just one – did this for decades.

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