archer components d1x wireless shifting kit for 1x mountain bike drivetrains

At Interbike last fall, we saw X-Shifter’s universal wireless shifting kit to fit any bike, any gearing combo front and rear. Now, another upstart is bringing a narrower focus to the same concept. The Archer Components D1x is designed specifically for 1x mountain bike drivetrains, letting you get the cables (mostly) off the bike and fine tune your shifting regardless of how many cogs are in the back. Check out the video below to see it in action…

archer components d1x wireless shifting kit for 1x mountain bike drivetrains

The receiver unit houses a servo motor that pulls or releases the cable. The front edge’s cap will allow for batteries to be swapped. These are obviously 3D printed prototypes, final versions will be normal production molded and finished.

archer components d1x wireless shifting kit for 1x mountain bike drivetrains

The shifter pods use a super small rocker switch with mounts to fit existing shifter clamps from various manufacturers. Above is an early version, but the finished product will look more like this:

archer components d1x wireless shifting kit for 1x mountain bike drivetrains

The battery and transmitter compartment will be much slimmer, using a coin cell battery to get about two months worth of shifting. The button angles and layout may yet be tweaked a bit further, too. Check the video for more details on pricing and availability.


    • Its ironic that they are specifically targeting ONLY 1X mountain. In our research we found that was by far the smallest sector. Practically no interest at all. It really has no huge advantage over a 1x mechanical. When you combine with a dropper then there is some interest. Then of course they will have to deal with a small issue of patent infringement. The Velcro is a nice touch though…. We will be shipping the good stuff soon.

    • I’d be curious to know how much cable they recommend running. I wonder if you could run a slightly longer span of cable and house the mechanical unit above the chainstay where it’s more protected.

  1. These retrofits are cool concept, but the issue I have is they still use cable…at the most vulnerable spot to mud/dirt ingress. So you’ll still have some stretch to adjust after a new cable install, and you’ll have to replace your cable marginally within same timeline as before.

      • Other than no wires and cables running in and out of holes from one end of the bike to the other. And one short, easy to reach piece of cable and housing at the back. Certainly some tandem riders will give it a try. Some singlespeeds can mount problem solver type derailleur hangers but lack any cable guides. This could make for easy on/off geared set-up.

      • Cables absolutely do stretch. It’s a wound piece, so the constant pressure does in fact cause pretty substantial stretch over months or years. And the housing compresses. Both of which compound the problem. Then there is temperature. From the coldest day to the hottest sunny day a full length rear cable will change length approximately 1.5mm. That’s enough length to shift one entire gear on the closely spaced modern cassettes. Do the math. And then of course there is cable movement from suspension and handlebar that also has a significant effect on the effective cable length. It’s a lot more than you might realize. That’s why cables are almost impossible to keep adjusted on tandems.

        Having said that though, I still stand by my earlier comment that the 1X MTB market is very weak for this product. Most of the serious riders are more concerned about other things.

  2. That short run of cable is not gonna stretch enough to affect performance, full runs of cable are obviously much longer so more stretch. I bet it works well but d*mn that price not worth it!

  3. This is actually pretty neat and the design is nice and clean too. Electrics + rocks + mountain bike + the ‘average mountain biker’, well, not so neat. Props to them though, it does look good and I like that it seems one can mount that shift box on either the CS or ‘SS’, inboard or out. Take my money? Almost but still hard to beat the weight, cost and simplicity of a cable.

    • Generally it should work if you tell it to pull the right amount of cable and also release it. Your frame may cause interference, but it may not.

  4. I’d try it for sure, my only issue would be of tactile feel on the shifter like xt/xtr di2. If it works great, but I’m not going to knock it before I try it… I’ll save my b*tching for the new 20mm boost axle spacing..

  5. I have a slightly wonky right thumb. If this is well executed, it’s a no-brainer for me, due to what I suspect will be an easy effort push on the shifter buttons compared to mechanical.

    The rock comments crack me up. If the derailleur were being invented today, the internet would be on fire with comments about what a crazy idea it was to have something hanging down off the rear axle area.

  6. I like it! I never want to route cable housing thru my Yeti’s rear triangle again. After going to 1x 11 I realized how much I hate front derailleurs. I currently use XT shipper and derailleur, XD driver w/ an E*13 cassette – so I’m in to “Franken” bikes.

  7. Correct, you cannot patent an idea. But you most certainly can patent a specific device that performs a specific function. Archer has precisely copied a patent pending device. (XShifter) They have also copied a lot of our marketing material. Even quoting the same specs in their video. These guys were so brazen, they questioned me for confidential technical specs during my marketing campaign. Its exactly the same. They are looking at a legal challenge. Intellectual property laws are in place for a reason. If you just spent 2 years and 6 figures of your own cash developing a technology only for someone else to try and take it, you might not feel the same way.

  8. Hmm. Wouldn’t the receiver unit attached with velcro move ever so slightly from lots of shifting + vibrations ? I could see the cable tension vary in this case.

    • The cable still runs through a short piece of housing so the distance between the actuator unit and the derailleur won’t matter. Same way that moving your current shifter around on the handlebar doesn’t affect the shifting.

  9. I’m interested. I would pull off the grip shift XX1 off my HT XC race bike for this. Not saying I would yet, but I would be interested for sure.

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