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  1. What;s most ironic about this is that they use drug addicts, like Mike Tyson and known steroid users, like John Cena in a movie to poke fun at drug use. I mean we all know that boxing and especially ‘professional wrestling’ are completely clean sports!

  2. And he still helped a lot of people. Not saying I like the guy. The same could be said about stars/athletes being d*cks in any capacity though. I’m not reading too much into it. You could almost call this movie Blazing Saddles, lol.

    • Agreed…I worked in a shop around the time that Lance doping bomb was dropped and everyone I would meet (both in and out of the shop) would ask me what I thought about it. My response was always the same. I don’t think it’s good that he used drugs and he should have his wins taken away, but he did a huge thing for cycling in America. Everyone knows who Lance Armstrong is, even if you aren’t a cycling fan. And his “wins” undoubtedly helped grow interest in bike racing in the US. I’m looking forward to this movie

  3. The American Bike business needs another Lance right now. Things are not looking good. While this is “funny” it really is not good for the cycling world.

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