There’s no doubt sport-specific strength training can up your game, and cyclists are notorious for neglecting the weights. The RipRow aims to fix that without making you go to the gym. Or do unfamiliar moves. Sort of.

RipRow strength trainer for mountain bikers BMX riders and motocross athletes

Designed to strengthen the muscles used for mountain biking, BMX and motocross, the RipRow adds adjustable hydraulic resistance to movement patterns common in those sports. The idea is to give you better stabilization and control by helping you fight the forces that can throw you, or your ride, off track.

RipRow strength trainer for mountain bikers BMX riders and motocross athletes

The included handlebars are 800mm wide, but the grips are wider than normal, letting you mimic bars down to 680mm without changing physical parts. You can also change the stance to mimic left- or right-foot back, or put them together to mimic a moto.

There are a lot more exercises than shown in the short video above, check their Facebook page. Importantly, it gets you rotating and moving in multiple planes, not just a fore-aft motion. It adjusts to fit very short to very tall people, and the base is rounded to force you to balance yourself while working out.

Pre-orders are open now, reserve yours for $1,199. Which would also buy you about ten years worth of membership at Planet Fitness, but then you’d have to take your scrawny cyclist upper body out in public.




  1. The thing literally has no wheels, it is not a “bike”. “Bike”rumor…

    Pure unadulterated advertising posing as an article?

  2. @Flux, as the guy who invented the RipRow, I can tell you this isn’t an ad. It’s great to see people get the word out. Thanks Bike Rumor.

    @VWVoodoo: ha!

  3. I’m a coach who has used RipRow and has athletes who use it as part of their training. This helps your riding, more than riding alone.

    • I am also a coach and to spend 1200 for any athlete who can easily do 5 specific strength exercice without an extra piece of junk in the garage is the right thing to teach your athlete. Bring me a paper a good n number. Spend your cash on winter camp, race money and wattage. You should really take your job seriously.

      • Hey man I’d rather do 5 specific strength exercises than drop 1200 on this, what do you recommend? I’m going to guess deadlift is one? 😛

  4. I’m just waiting for the E-Rip Row…you know…so I can work out for longer periods of time…all I want is a little assist when I’m doing the motions lol!

  5. I thought there is no way I could look like a bigger dork than when I’m in a skinsuit with aero tt helmet and shoe covers. Congratulations riprow you’ve raised the bar

  6. The exercise equipment I would buy is a handlebar with weighted brake levers to help get your forearms in shape for DH/enduro season.

  7. That is racing in front of the street treadmill for most likely to be abandoned in the garage. I you can get a full gimbal rig for a bike with trainer … then you’re talking.

  8. Woohoo!, finally something to replace the mechanical bull! Now, if we could just do something about Country Western music 😉

  9. I was entirely skeptical of this thing before I used it, but it genuinely works. Lee’s onto something, regardless of how silly it may seem or appear. It’s the perfect tool to improve technique and make proper technique sustainable.

    Good to see this getting picked up in the press. Well done Tyler!

  10. Seriously? This will go nowhere fast and it should. For the exact same price a quick internet search produces this: I cannot see how anyone would be stupid enough to find value in this idea. Niche, overpriced, and over promised. What are you getting here shred level 6? Seriously any core exercise will help a cyclist so as a coach I prescribe less burritos, 50 slow push-ups every day and a hardy high five from your shred buddies. Use the money you saved for an epic trip instead…

  11. Truly a solution to a question no one asked!

    This has to be a joke. April 1st? Nope… St Patrick’s Day? Nope…. Someone who thinks they can make money from millennials? Ding.ding.ding…

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