Starting with their already updated & most popular, feature-rich aluminum road race wheelsets, Fulcrum has given the Racing Zero a new carbon rim setting a new top level in the family. The revamped Racing Zero Carbon wheels wrap the same stiff carbon & aluminum hubs, USB ceramic bearings, and oversized double-butted aluminum spokes in a new lighter & wider carbon rim to cut a chunk out weight from the Racing Zero wheelsets.

Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon wider clincher road race wheels

Last summer Fulcrum wheels widened their race-ready aluminum tubeless-ready Racing Zero clinchers to their newer c17 rim profile standard to better cope with the trend of expanding road race tires. The new carbon wheels use that same 17mm internal, allowing Fulcrum to recommend these with 25mm and up tires. Now with an external rim width of 24.2mm, the carbon rim should offer improved aerodynamics as well.

The Racing Zero Carbon hubs use aluminum hub flanges bonded to carbon shells, plus an oversized driveside rear hub flange and 2:1 spoke lacing to build strong, laterally stiff & reliable wheels. Of course, not only does the move to carbon drop 170g off the alloy Competizione wheelset and drop a few grams off the previous carbon rim, it also improves rigidity, responsiveness & even durability. That makes this new Racing Zero Carbon the lightest road wheelset that Fulcrum makes at just 1340g for the set.

The combination of the new carbon rims and Fulcrum’s aero butted aluminum spokes again makes the Racing Zero Carbon wheels unique, both in Fulcrum’s lineup and the industry as a whole. The wheels use the same, all-new 30mm deep rim profile front & rear. Inside is a the “longitudinal twill” carbon fiber material construction we saw in the new Speed tubulars & clinchers. Fulcrum says that it makes for a rim that improves both wheel rigidity and resistance to impact. The wheels also get the improved AC3 carbon brake surface treatment that Campy introduced earlier this summer on their Bora wheels along with exceptional, industry leading wet & dry braking claims.

Like all other carbon rims in Fulcrum’s (and parent Campagnolo’s) road line, the Racing Zero Carbon clinchers are not officially tubeless-compatible. And so they don’t get classified as 2-Way Fit. With that said (like the recent Speed carbon clinchers) the new carbon rim very clearly looks like it gets a tubeless-friendly shoulder lip to lock the bead into place – a big departure from the previous Zero Carbon rim profile. And without anyone from the Campagnolo side going on the record about it, we’ve heard from a number of riders very happily running the similar new Campagnolo carbon clinchers tubeless without problems as long as they don’t get out of hand with extremely high tire pressures.

The low-profile, rim brake, QR carbon road race wheels don’t have an official price just yet. But they should be available at the start of 2018.


    • STS on

      They srew short steel bolts into each nippel, feed those trough the valve hole and then draw them to the spoke hole with a magnet.

  1. STS on

    Some 12 years after the introduction of the Road Tubeless System we have hopefully long left behind the experimental phase when many riders tried to set up any wheel for tubeless use.

    This rim profile clearly is not designed for TL-use and you guys know this. Or at least you should know this after one look at the cross-section. So why do you hint that people might try them with TL-tires? I really don’t get it. There are so many wheels, rims now which really work. Even carbon clincher rims for rim brakes. You should not encourage riders to buy that stuff and experiment on their own if Campa / Fulcrum for whatever reason doesn’t want them to be used with TL tires.

    Yes, they might work. Believe me, I know all the tricks in order to make rims work with TL tires even those that are not supposed to. But I stopped recommending this to customers many years ago when there were already more than enough perfectly working alternatives available.

    • Cory Benson on

      Just to be clear we are not recommending as such.
      You are correct, STS; there are plenty of verified tubeless wheels out there. And we have covered many.
      These only seem to be a pre-cursor to carbon 2-Way Fit to us, and have a rim profile with a squared shoulder and bead lock that is a significant departure from last year’s Zero Carbon wheelset.


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