Fixit Sticks’ new Mountain Kit has a deceiving name in that it’s just as perfect for roadies and commuters thanks to their interchangeable tool sticks. The kit comes with two Fixit Sticks, plus 2/2.5/3/4/5/6 mm hex bits, Torx T25, and a P2 Phillips Head bit. It also includes their new chain breaker attachment and two tire lever ends, all conveniently packed in a zippered carrying case. The whole thing has room for a few more bits, like patches, ID, cash or card, etc., and it fits in a jersey pocket.

Fixit Sticks Mountain Kit Multi-Tool pouch with chain breaker tool fits into a cycling jersey pocket with room to spare

The sticks use magnetic female ends to hold your bits tight, and the extra bits are holstered securely in the firm-but-flexible orange parts. The entire kit as shown weighs in at 250g on our scale, and they’re available for pre-order through Nov 7 for just $44 (click on their Shop link to find it), and MSRP will be $56 after that.

Fixit Sticks Multi-Tool pouch with chain breaker tool fits into a cycling jersey pocket with room to spare

We’ve reviewed their T-Handle sets in the past and love them for shop use, and these Replaceable Editions are long enough to get into the tight spots and pack down small, making them perfect out on the trail (or road). All the sharp edges are mostly covered, so you could even wrap a tube around the tool and just throw that in your pack or pocket.


  1. Will the bits stay in the end of the tools? I’ve gone thru 3 pair of their original sticks and am continually scrounging around on the floor or in the dirt looking for the tip that just fell out- despite being glued/epoxied in.

    • I have yet to have a bit fall out of either my Replacable version or my T-Wrench, but i’m also running Wiha bits instead of the stock ones.

      • I’m using both the T-Way wrench as well as the replacable Fix It Sticks but never lost one of the PB Swiss Tools or Bosch Professional bits I’m using.

    • @Old Doc, you may have better luck using rubber cement or some latex sealant instead of the epoxy. That is going to cure and be hard but brittle and when you torque something the adhesive is cracking and no longer sticking to the tool or bit.

  2. i use a victorinox bike tool.. its also using bits, the bits are anodized (read: dont rust) its lighter, smaller, more convenient, magnetic and has more bits.
    its also much more reliable. the ifixit seems to fall apart all the time.

    I added a tiny chain breaker to it (7gr..) and happy i go.

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