When it comes to the bike industry, Nick Legan has seen it all. From a professional mechanic with Team RadioShack, the Technical Editor for VeloNews, marketing pro for Dispatch Communications, and now back on the editorial side as the Gear and Road Test Editor for Adventure Cyclist, Nick knows his way around a bike. And lately, that seems to be focused on adventure bikes.

In addition to his own ramblings on Rambleur.com, Nick’s most recent project was quite an undertaking. Simply named Gravel Cycling, it seems that Nick literally wrote the 290 page book on gravel, adventure, and bikepacking. While for some, the idea of loading up your bike with bags and gear and setting off for genuine adventure is old hat, for many of us it’s a whole new world.

Nick’s book is essentially a step by step how-to, starting with the basics like choosing the right bike and gear, how to properly clean your bike, and what to prepare for on long rides. Once you’re feeling confident in your set up, the book highlights many of the popular one-day endurance events to multi-day bikepacking epics with basic route maps and elevation profiles. Tyler seems to agree, stating that ” The tech and packing tips are great, but what I really liked about Nick’s book is how he laid out the event info for single- and mult-day rides. The map and elevation profile graphics are fantastic, photography is beautiful, and it kinda makes these monster rides seem approachable. If nothing else, this bike will make you want to get out and ride somewhere new, which easily makes it worth the price of admission.”

Maybe above all, the book looks great on your coffee table and serves as a source of inspiration to get out there and explore. Published through VeloPress, you can pick up a copy for $24.95 through a number of sources and start planning your next big ride.



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