ENVE changed the game at Eurobike last year with their all-new mountain bike rim design by introducing broader bead top profiles and, for more aggressive wheels, a liner to further blunt impacts. The goal is to prevent pinch flats from harsh hits, and in our testing so far, it works. Really well. Now, gravel riders and racers can take advantage of that design, too, and in a lighter, more gravel-specific than the recent 525 G wheels we tested.

enve g-series g23 and g27 rim profiles and specs

The new ENVE G-Series takes the same shaping of the M525, M630 and M635, but sizes it for gravel’s typical tire widths. Two options are available, the G23 for 700c bikes, and the G27 for 650b rigs. The number refers to the internal width, and the “G” for…yep, Gravel. By drastically reducing the likelihood of pinch flats, ENVE says you’re free to run whatever tire pressure you want. So, even though your tire might have a recommended minimum of 35psi, you can safely go lower and still probably not pinch flat. That’s not to say you shouldn’t still pay attention to tire squirm and other things, but if you’re a fan of rock crawler like traction, by all means, please experiment. ENVE’s molded bead track and socket should help the tires stay firmly seated even with a hookless design.

enve g-series g23 and g27 rim profiles and specs

Both use ENVE’s patented molded spoke hole construction, so there’s no drilling to break the fibers, which helps make the rims are stronger than comparable designs.

enve g-series g23 and g27 rim profiles and specs

The 700c G23 is designed for 35-45mm wide tires, and the 650b G27 works with 2.0″ to 2.25″ tires.

enve g-series g23 and g27 rim profiles and specs

With rim weights of 320g (G27) and 330g (G23), complete wheels can be built as light as 1,275g for the G23 with DT240 hubs. That wheelset will run you $2,800 with any axle configuration you want. Swap to Chris King R45 hubs and the weight will be 1,310g for 700c, with a retail of $2,980.

Use the 650b G27 and wheelset weights are 1,300g (DT) and 1,342g (CK). Same prices as 700c wheels. Rims are $999 each if you want to build your own. Available in July, they’ll be making an appearance at Dirty Kanza if you’re there!



  1. jxjjd on

    i dont. theyre very expensive and break down all the time.
    the service is nice and they’ll replace broken rimsas many times as necessary but thats still annoying.
    i switched to cheap n trusted chinese open mold shops – slightly more traditional designs, same service, way cheaper, and things stopped breaking anyway…

  2. WorkOnSunday on

    Good not doubt but i found the pricing abit hard to comprehend… A friend of mine just picked up a Colnago v1r with full super record set and Mavic carbon for less than that price…i know its not quite gravel orentiated but cant help to think u really have to have lots of cash to burn to get these…

    • Kernel Flickitov on

      Because Colnago owners don’t have “cash to burn”…..? And your bro didn’t have to hang mediocre Mavic junk on such a nice frame anyway. If he has the $$$ for a v1r he surely has money for top shelf wheels.

  3. Kernel Flickitov on

    People have been complaining about Enve prices their entire existence. Glad to see they haven’t changed.


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