Priority Bicycles adds a more advanced mixed-surface road plus option to their easy maintenance commuter bikes with the new 600. Named for the 600% gearing range of the 12-speed Pinion gearbox, Priority says the new bike takes inspiration from cars that don’t need everyday maintenance for regular use.

 Priority 600 all-road 650b Pinion + Gates commuter bike

Priority Bicycles’ line-up is mostly pared back to simple single speeds and internally geared hub bikes in the interest of building belt-drive, everyday city bikes that you just don’t have to worry about. No lubing chains, worrying about getting dirty on greasy bikes. Just hop on and spin around town. Well the new 600 takes Priority to another level thanks to the 12-speed Pinion gearboix at the center of the bike.

All the simplicity, and lack of maintenance needs carry over. But now riders get hill climbing capability thanks to that wide 600% gear range Pinion. And you only need to change the oil every 6000mi/9500km.

Priority wanted to build a commuter that was equally fun to ride out of the city. A bike capabel of running back and forth to work, bu that could be just as fun for a weekend of adventure riding. “It offers power and versatility for riders to use The 600 as a city commuter, road rambler, gravel grinder or bike-packing adventure bike.”

Tech Details

The Priority 600 is built around the German-made Pinion C1.12 gearbox, a Gates belt drive, and a set of 650b road plus wheels for mixed-surface flexibility. The 600’s frame is lightweight 6061 aluminum, as is the fork.

Wheels are house brand hubs, but do include a low drag front hub dynamo, laced into WTB ST TCS tubeless rims. Priority wraps them in the excellent WTB Horizon 47mm slick (but there is plenty of room to swap in a semi-slick Byway or even a meaty Resolute as well), capable for on or off road adventures and any bike path you can find.

The daily commuter packs in full coverage composite fenders with front & rear lighting powered by the front hub dynamo. Tektro hydraulic disc brakes bring it to a stop, and it even includes a kickstand. The frame includes braze-ons for racks and other accessories

Pricing & Availability

The Priority 600 comes in three stock frame sizes (S-L) and in black only. The bike sells for $2200 and will begin shipping from June 18. Priority partners with VeloFix for customized delivery & setup, and if you order now you can free ‘white glove delivery included, using offer code “velofix600” at checkout.


  1. When Pinion starts making proper drop bar shifters, with hydraulic brake compatibility, I will buy in. Until then, they are stuck in the commuter bike market.

  2. I’m not a fan of aluminum forks, but do I like where the price point is going. Agree that a dropper version is needed.

    Do we know what one of these weighs?

  3. I would love to have one but $2200 is off the chart for me. I have a Classic Plus that I got for $324 via Costco. So I will have to wait till this price comes way down or buy used.

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