After adding ceramic bearing equipped derailleur pulleys for the 12-speed SRAM Eagle groups earlier this year, Enduro Bearings in back with sets for the new Shimano XTR 12-speed group and Campagnolo’s 12-speed road groups.

They use the same Delrin-over-alloy construction, which offers a stiff base but quieter riding and less wear on the chain. What’s different is that they’re shaped more extensively to fit the different groups and their chains. And they’re just a hair thinner to be compatible with the 12-speed chains, too.

ceramic bearing pulley upgrade for Shimano 12-speed mountain bike derailleurs

Both version get rounded corners. They say they watched the way they rolled into and out of the chain and the interaction with the chain pins and rollers and round that the squared off edges were the first parts to wear off because they weren’t rolling very smoothly through the process. So, they rounded them to help everything run perfectly smooth from the outset and reduce the “apparent” but meaningless wear they were seeing before.

Their Shimano wheels are chamfered on all ends and on both sides so you can run them in either direction, top or bottom.

ceramic bearing pulley upgrade for Campagnolo 12-speed road bike derailleurs

The Campagnolo models match Campy’s OEM chamfer. Look for both to start shipping around end of summer. Pricing isn’t final yet, but expect them to be around the same $229 price as the SRAM pulley kit…possibly a bit less.


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