Hate the idea of a thin rubber strap holding your Di2 Junction in place? Or worse, zip ties? K-Edge has pointed their CNC machines in that direction, creating a stainless steel headset spacer mount. It fits a 1-1/8″ steerer and is only about 0.9mm thick, so it barely affects your stack height.

K-Edge Di2 junction box mounts through your headset spacers

Because it’s stainless steel, it’s tough but can be bent to match the angle of your stem. A tab locks into the notch on the junction box to secure it into place. Retail is $14.99.

K-Edge out front GPS cycling computer mount for ENVE aero stem

The out front mount made for ENVE debuted with the launch of that brand’s newest SES aero cockpit and fits directly on the stem. The news from Eurobike is that they’ll probably soon have a combo version with a removable light mount like K-Edge offers on their Pro Mounts, with slightly more robust arms than this one to handle the extra weight.

K-Edge out front GPS cycling computer mount for Scott Syncros integrated handlebar stem combo

The ENVE collaboration was just the beginning. They rushed to develop a Syncros Aero Bar-Stem integrated mount for Simon Yates to use in this year’s Tour de France. The team asked for them so late in the game that K-Edge had to rely on a CAD file of the stem to create the mount…Syncros couldn’t ship an actual bar-stem to them fast enough.

K-Edge out front GPS cycling computer mount for Scott Syncros integrated handlebar stem combo

Making it particularly tricky is the angle of the front bolt, but K-Edge pulled it off. And it turned out so good it’s likely that it’ll move into production and be sold through Scott/Syncros.

The new K-Edge Wahoo Bolt mount shows how to mount a GPS cycling computer on TT aero bar extensions

For triathletes and time trialists, the new Wahoo Bolt TT mount runs $59.99 and lets you get most of the same aero advantages as their out-front Bolt mount. The mount follows the curves of the computer to maintain an aerodynamic package.

K-Edge Wahoo Bolt aero out-front GPS cycling computer mount for TT aero bar extensions

It’s all about incremental gains, and as K-Edge’s marketing manager told us, “Team Sky didn’t start winning until they started using our mounts. And Sagan keeps winning by inches.” So there’s that.



  1. How about a nifty mount for us EPS users out there?! Because using a elastic band or zip ties is soooo classy on $15,000 bikes…

  2. I have found that a dab of Gorilla Glue does a nice job of holding that junction box in place on the underside of any of the 3 stems I have tried it on so far.

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