To get your hydration game a little higher? Floyd’s of Leadville’s new Hydration Fuel helps keep you riding strong and long with a few key ingredients not typically found in other sports drinks. First, there’s the obvious CBD Isolate, providing 5mg per serving with the goal of keeping you riding relaxed and pain free.

More importantly, though, are the performance ingredients like BCAAs, D-Ribose, and Glutamine. Combined (and respectively), they may help keep your muscles from breaking down, top off your cellular energy, and encourage quicker recovery. It comes in Fruit Punch flavor, and all those fancy ingredients come at a price…about $4 per serving. each bag runs $39.95 for 10 servings.

floyds of leadville CBD oil isolate sports drink mix


  • 50mg CBD per bag
  • 5mg of CBD per serving
  • 30g/ serving of complex, non-GMO carbohydrates
  • 3g/ serving of BCAA
  • 2.5g/ serving of Glutamine
  • Electrolyte blend
  • D-Ribose

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  1. I occasionally take CBD pills for chronic back pain. The cotton mouth I get from those (CBD only, no THC) is waaaay worse than the cotton mouth from tokin’ the doob’

  2. Don’t know why they put Glutamine in a pre or during drink. It whacks your body with ammonia and can feel worse than bonking. Glutamine is great for recovery, just don’t take it before riding.

  3. “Floyd’s of Leadville elevates your hydration…” “To get your hydration game a little higher?” Come on guys, lets put our journalists hats on and avoid the low hanging fruit here. Does CBD even get you high?

    • No it can’t get you high, what it can do is leave you stuck on the toilet in danger of vertical take off if you take too much. So nobody go chugging the stuff…

  4. Every time you post Floyd Landis stuff I get reminded of when he tried to publicly shame Greg Lemond for being a childhood sexual abuse survivor so he wouldn’t testify against him for cheating at cycling.

    He’s a terrible person and stop advertising for him.

    • So, is BikeRumor supposed to investigate the background of every person behind each company covered on their website? That’s asking a lot, and it’s also not the BikeRumor’s responsibility.

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