Started just last year, JRC Components is gradually building a catalog of small accessories for your bike, often in a nice rainbow array of anodized colors. With little bits like the universal fit Stem Faceplate GPS mount, long alloy tubeless valves, and ceramic bearing-equipped derailleur Jockey Wheels, JRC adds a touch of color to your bike at reasonable prices.

JRC Stem Faceplate alloy GPS mount

Sure, there are more companies than JRC that source low-cost machined alloy components from Taiwan, and some that do it really well. But this Irish company from Cork is a bit different in that they have partnered with a trusted manufacturer in the industry to design and develop their own products instead of just pulling things out of a catalog.

The result is things like this relatively straightforward 25€ CNC-machined faceplate mount for your Garmin. With a light alloy frame (claimed at 23g, without bolts) and a slotted bracket, it will work on pretty much every four-bolt stem with forward facing M5 bolts spaced 12-40mm apart. On top a standard plastic Garmin interface will mount your computer, but the alloy mount can work with other devices too, thanks to the 4 universal mounting holes that attach the adapter. Get one in a rainbow of six ano colors, or stick with black.

JRC road & MTB Ceramic Jockey Wheels, plus Ti & Carbon QRs

If you are adding some anodized color to the front of the bike, why not add some out back too? JRC has sealed hybrid ceramic bearing, machined alloy pulleys packed with long life grease for durability whatever conditions you ride in. The pulleys come in a standard road or mountain 11 tooth pair that works with Shimano or SRAM 9-11 speed derailleur for 37€ for the pair. Or get a set of narrow-wide 12 tooth pulleys to replace those on your SRAM 1×11 drivetrain for 39€ (not intended for Eagle derailleurs which use a 14T lower pulley.)

Are we still riding bikes with Quick Release axles in 2018? OK sure, most bikes are still sporting QRs, I’m just giving you a hard time. JRC has a pretty nice looking titanium shaft road skewers (130mm rear only) that use an external brass cam and a little carbon lever for easy operation. The 39€ QRs come in the same seven color options and weigh 44g per pair.

Not everything in JRC’s offerings are their exclusive or licensed designs, but as a young company that is the direction they are headed. For now the offer some good looking bits at competitive prices, and with 4€ global delivery, or free if you buy more than 50€ worth of stuff.


  1. How safe are those universal stem plate mounts? I’ve really only seen systems designed to be used with specific stems, it seems like a very high stress area on the bicycle.

    • Eh, that looks quite legit to me, especially if those extended stem plate bolts are steel, which they should be (or Ti). Giant has been using an extended spacer system with longer bolts for their computer/light/whatever mounts for years now in their Conduct brake system and zero issues.

  2. They are awful. If you like your bars slipping, use one of these. The soft aluminum spacers just don’t hold enough tension and you will set clamp torque one day only to find after a week of riding it’s low enough to slip when you hit a bump. Unsafe garbage.

    • Bill is jumping to conclusions in a big way. I’ve ridden something similar for at least 2 years now on my cross bike, and I bunnyhop up and down curbs, and have slammed into roots hard enough to wreck my rear rim.

      If you use no-slip paste, and know how to work on a bike, it’ll work just as it’s intended to.

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