The new Maxxis Velocita Air is a 700×40 race tire for smoother gravel paths and roads, and for riders that want more volume without adding a whole lot more weight. But, it’s really aimed at rougher pavement and smooth dirt paths, not big, deep gravel. It drops the Kevlar sidewall breaker that the ReFuse and some other tires have. So there’s less cut protection, but it’s much more supple and will roll faster.

Maxxis Velocita AR lightweight all road tire for light gravel racing

The Velocita model name started out as a tubular road tire, shown at Eurobike 2015 at the debut of the Rambler. That version is still available as a 700×28 tubular with their MaxxShield puncture protection layer, so presumably that does carry over to this larger, tubeless-ready clincher version.

Maxxis Velocita AR lightweight all road tire for light gravel racing
The new Velocita AR on the left, compared to the more aggressive Rambler on the right, which also has some news…

The Velocita AR’s casing is 120tpi and it’s available now for about $60. Weight is coming soon (we’ll update as soon as they tell us).

Maxxis Rambler gravel road bike tire now available in one of the widest sizes at 700x45

Rounding out their line with one of the largest sizes around is the new 700×45 option for their Rambler. It’s a much more aggressive design, with more protection and actual knobs for when you’re really, really getting off the pavement. It joins the 38 and 40 widths, and starts shipping in 60 days for around $60.


  1. The article says the Velocita drops the kevlar barrier the ReFuse has, which I think for Maxxis is the “K2” protection, though in the photos it looks like it has EXO which is what nearly all the mountain bike tires have and is a better sidewall material so I don’t think there’s anything being lost there. Looks promising for when I wear out my 40c ReFuses which are surprisingly good on Colorado dirt roads.

  2. Maxxis Aspen 27.5×2.1 weigh in at 540 grams and are fast rolling and pretty tough. They are great xc racing tires and work for medium aggressiveness trail riding. Remind me again why gravel tires exsit again?

  3. uhh the 28c Velocita is 410 gram?

    they better get the AR to be competitive with the Gravelking 700×38 all road slick. 330 gram
    or the 700×38 380 gram Extralight Compass Barlow pass. Or I won’t be interested in it.

  4. Any word on the Rambler 700×45? This article said they should be out ‘…in about 60 days…’ that would have been around Nov 20, 2018. I still can’t find this tire anywhere.

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