The Arofly power meter debuted a little over a year ago, but that iteration required you to use their own GPS cycling computer to work. Which is a tough sell even if you are offering the world’s smallest, easiest to install power meter. Their sensor attaches to your rear tire’s valve stem and uses pressure differentials to just measure power, relying on the head unit’s GPS to tell it how fast you’re going and other data. Then it puts all that together to determine your total power.

arofly tire pressure valve stem power meter is the worlds smallest power meter and easiest to install

Now, they’ve added an ANT+ / Bluetooth brain unit to liaison communications between the sensor and any modern GPS cycling computer, letting you use it with your Garmin, Wahoo, etc. It uses your rider profile data (mainly just your weight) that’s input into those cycling computers to be able to give you the correct power output numbers. So, regardless of whether you buy into their full ecosystem or wait for this new version to come out next year, you’ll need to make sure you’re keeping your body weight up to date in your chosen computer. As long as you’re doing that, they say it works for road and mountain bikes.

The unit also has built-in accelerometer and gravity sensors, which let it determine cadence without any additional sensors strapped to your bike. Pricing and availability for the new package is TBD. Considering the current version is $269 with the computer, expect it to be one of the most affordable power meters when it does hit.


      • I took look at their website and I’m not sold on how well this device can filter out road vibrations from pedaling torque. I’d like to see an on road comparison with a strain gauge based power meter since the test they show seems to only be in a lab based setting. For slightly more you can easily find crank arm powermeters (some even new) that have actually been verified accurate in the real world.

      • You should see DC Rainmaker’s comments after trying this “power meter”. It didn’t even come close to comparing favorably with the least expensive power meters on currently on the market. Works is a word that probably shouldn’t be associated with this device.

      • Rebuilding a wheel takes less than 2h for a non pro if you know what your doing. Woud brefer to rebuild a wheel to pulling internal brake an gear cables in a random modern frame.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong but You should be able to find axle end caps to convert most 15mm diameter axle PT disc hubs from 135 to 12×142 for about 9 bucks (I’ve seen these hubs going for 90 usd on ebay). Again not saying this is the ideal set up but especially for road bikes older PT hubs are available for so cheap it boggles the mind why people buy gimmicky items like the aero pod. This is a neat product idea but without real world verification of accuracy especially in an off road environment I’m not sold .

  1. It will be interesting to see how many people are willing to spend ~$300 on a valve cap that randomly sends numbers between 0-350 to a headunit over the ANT+ power channel.

  2. Agree with the above questions about proven real world results.

    But, if it is even within 10% of other systems it would be great. One could potentially switch it between bikes as easy as head units.

  3. Clarification

    Thanks for all the comments on the AROFLY POWER METER. All comments have been noted, and AROFLY has made major changes to ensure more accuracy, consistency and affordability.
    Please let us explain how we started and the phases we had to go through to
    improve the performance of the AROFLY.

    Phase 1. Launched March 2017. AROFLY with APP on Smart Phone.
    We anticipated that this concept would benefit all the cyclist and the smart phone users. Apparently, it did not. IT WAS AT THIS FIRST STAGE, THAT AROFLY STARTED RECEIVING NEGATIVE FEEDBACK,
    AND WE DECIDED TO CORRECT IT IMMEDIATELY, by discontinuing the APP for the

    Phase 2. Launched Sept. 2017. AROFLY PLUS METER.
    We learnt that some users were pleased with the AROFLY SENSOR and the A-PLUS METER, but, a large number of cyclists preferred to use THEIR OWN BIKE COMPUTERS , for which AROFLY WAS NOT YET SET UP . . At this stage thefeedback on AROFLY A-PLUS METER was better but still not positive and goodenough for us to accept, hence we quickly moved to phase three.

    Phase 3. Will Launch Dec 2018 “AROFLY ELITE METER”.
    AROFLY ELITE METER, will offer more accuracy and consistency with its own dedicated GPS Bike Computer and transfer to our own Arofly Could and Strava as well.
    Our focus is to continue to make our products, MOST AFFORDABLE, for every cyclist, while offering, an all in one package.

    Phase 4. To Launch April 2019, AROFLY ANT+

    We listened to all your feedback, good, bad and some ugly. This has
    strengthened our resolve to bring you what you all have been asking for, that, AROFLY will be compatible with ANT+ .

    This announcement will be made in the spring of 2019.

    Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you after evaluating the NEW AROFLY PRODUCTS. Please discard all old blogs and old information..

    Thank you for your attention!
    Arofly Teams

  4. I bought the arofly when it first came out because i like unusual gadgets. I use it only on the trainer. Its spot on with speed and cadence. And since power can easly be calculated when there is no wind resistance I don’t know if they are using the tire pressure to measure power or are just faking it. Any way in conclusion is a good toy to play with at a resonable price.

  5. 2019/5/6
    Hi all,
    The AROFLY team has dedicated several experiments and tests to design the customized Sensors, Hardware and Integration of the exclusive software for the AROFLY system.

    AROFLY’S dynamic air pressure system, is totally a” New Invention”. All the technology in hardware, software and algorithms had to be created from Zero. There is no similar technology and system of a power meter in the market to compare or learn from.

    By accumulating information from several valuable experiments and tests, the AROFLY team identified the core value for the AROFLY power meter system.

    After two full years of hard and dedicated work on more advanced technology, the AROFLY team developed, the ELITE, LINK and XELITE in 2019.

    The first AROFLY model was designed in 2017. The AROFLY Sensor, worked in conjunction with a Smart Phone APP, using GPS for altitude and gradient.
    The slow response of the required data from the Smart Phone was not good enough for the AROFLY sensor to identify the slope changes, causing late data output, thus confusing the cyclist.

    We valued all the positive and negative feedback from the market, we listened to our customers very seriously. This feedback was discussed and has driven the AROFLY team to carry out more research, development and evaluation, to complete a new generation for AROFLY.

    The following are the improvements to the New AROFLY generation, ELITE, LINK, and XELITE.

    1. The AROFLY team, designed a highly sensitive pressure sensor with a MCU in the AROFLY sensor for the upgraded algorithm and filtering program, to remove interference from road conditions.
    2. Designed a highly sensitive altimeter and GPS in the hardware, for quick response on slopes and gradient changes, to correct algorithm mode for data output.
    3. Included additional sensors in the system as sensor fusion to collect more raw data of road condition and pedaling status, to assist the algorithm with quick & correct data output.
    4. Integrated the system with more functions and riding data on the products
    5. The “ LINK” version, now offers a very affordable, Bluetooth & ANT + connectivity to other Bike Computers
    6. The “ELITE” & XELITE versions now offers a very affordable bike computer, with all the features and benefits of the more expensive bike computers in the market.

    These new improvements will add more accuracy, consistency and flexibility to the operation of the AROFLY new generation, ELITE, LINK and XELITE.

    The new product are estimated to launch June/July 2019.

    Thank you for your reading.
    Team Arofly

    Arofly Outdoor:
    Arofly Indoor:


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