Way back in 2016, STAC Zero made waves with their revolutionary take on a trainer. Instead of relying on a drum for the rear tire, or a mechanical resistance unit with a direct drive mount, the STAC Zero trainer uses magnets. These electromagnets work specifically with welded aluminum wheels and carbon wheels with aluminum brake tracks to create resistance without actually touching the wheels.

Silence gets smarter with touch-free STAC Zero Halcyon smart trainer

Now, after the STAC Zero Base and STAC Powermeter models, the newest STAC Zero Halcyon brings the smart trainer up to date to be compatible with programs like Zwift. To change the resistance level, the magnets move closer or farther away from the rim as you ride through the game. Obviously, some of the main benefits with the STAC verses the competition is that it is completely silent other than your drivetrain noise, and since there is no contact, there is no wear to the tire.

Silence gets smarter with touch-free STAC Zero Halcyon smart trainer

The system also includes wheel weights that aren’t necessary, but do improve the ride feel on programs like Zwift since there is no flywheel on the trainer. You can even add a second set of weights for even more inertia if desired.

Silence gets smarter with touch-free STAC Zero Halcyon smart trainer

Like the original, the Halcyon folds completely flat when not in use for easy transport and storage. The trainer is dual band ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart compatible, has a built in power meter, and can be updated with over the air firmware updates (iOS or android). The trainer also operates on an internal battery so there’s no need to plug in when you’re riding – you have 10 hours of ride time on a single charge with the micro USB cable.

Pricing is set at $800 for the Halcyon, and $350 for the Base and $429 for the Power, and both can be upgraded to the Halcyon functionality with an upgrade kit if you already own one.



  1. Joe Bond on

    Kind of want to go dumpster diving behind a computer repair shop, strip the rare earth magnets from junked hard drives and make my own version of this on a cheap wind trainer host.


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