Sinewave Cycles offers flexible lighting solutions that can run on a mix of dynamo power and USB battery pack. Like their Beacon headlight ($350), which has an output of 750 lumens and will run off of a USB battery pack should there not be enough power coming from the dynamo. With just dynamo power, the light puts out 200 lumens at 5mph, 500 at 8mph, 650 at 10mph and 750 at 13+mph. Further, a supercapacitor will keep the light on even when at a stop with no dynamo or battery output for around 5 minutes. It’s weatherproofed with seals, epoxy, and gold plated connectors. The Beacon also features a USB-out port for charging accessories and an on-off switch. It’s available in black, silver, red, blue and custom arrangements.

Sinewave BeaconSinewave Beacon

Sinewave Reactor

The Reactor ($350) performs an important role of converting the power generated from the dynamo into a usable output for charging USB devices. It mounts in place of the stem cap and features a USB-out port for powering computers, phones, and other accessories. Like the Beacon, the Reactor is waterproof and plated sturdy enough to handle the regular shock and vibrations of riding. It works with 1″ and 1,1/8″ threadless headsets and comes in black, blue, red, and silver colors.

Check out their hubs (including new thru-axle options) in this post.

Shelter and visibility

Cleverhood CleverZipster Cleverlite

Cleverhood is an apparel brand that focuses on fashionable designs and real-world functionality. The brand offers a range of products from kids ponchos to adult ponchos and trench coats. Take a closer look at their Seabee (left) and CleverZipster (right) ponchos. Both options are made in Fall River Massachusetts with waterproof materials and reflective properties sewn in.

Cleverhood thumb loopsCleverhood ZipperTheir Seabee and CleverZipster Rain Capes offer a few of the same features, like 3M reflective properties that light up while riding at night. Elastic thumb loops on the inside form the poncho into a canopy over the bike. While water-proof zippers further help keep rain out. Also, they both have adjustable hoods that are sized to fit under a helmet.

The CleverZipster ($170) is set apart with a 15K mm waterproof poly fabric. While the Seabee ($250) gets a military grade talc treatment and waterproof chest pocket. Additionally, the Seabee has magnetic windows that run along either side of the torso, allowing the wearer to reach through the garment to grab objects.


    • Lights like that are usually mounted on fork crowns, not handlebars. The steel loop arm already serves the purpose of a mounting bracket – you just put a nut in there and tighten.

      • I understand mounting options and they don’t include the loop arm bracket. They do provide a link to another company that offers various mounts. I agree at minimum that the little metal loop bracket should be included with a $350 light.

  1. Nice looking lights but some digging on the website reveals the following bit of information: “Symmetrical Beam Pattern – Ideal choice for off-road riding.” Which means that these lights will totally blind any oncoming traffic and may induce road rage. They should not be used on the road and are not certified for road use in countries that have regulations for bicycle lights.

    I know that designing and building proper reflector to create a good beam pattern with a cut off is hard. But for $350 it is not an unreasonable expectation.

    • As a dynamo nerd myself I totally understand where you are coming from but as you stated, this light is recommended for off-road adventuring. Having taken a Luxos U on quite a few night trail rides I can totally understand why it has a symmetrical beam over an asymmetrical…. the asymmetrical lights aren’t best suited for twisty trails with lots of rise and fall.

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