SwitchBack makes tailgate pads that protect both bike & truck when shuttling to the trailhead. But their unique bonus is that when you drop the tailgate, the pad has an integrated camp chair built in for a comfortable place to chill out post-ride (or to pre-game?) Now SwitchBack has released a new pad for full-size trucks, plus a 20% off sale for holiday shoppers on all three sizes.

SwitchBack Tailgate Pads for trucks, with built-in seating

SwitchBack Tailgate Pads for trucks, with built-in seating

SwitchBack’s tailgate covers offer foam padded protection over the top & outside of the tailgate to protect your truck from getting scratched when you hang your bikes out of the bed for transport. And then on the inside, fold down camp seats offer more protection for the bike, plus a bonus comfy spot to chill at the trailhead.

SwitchBack Tailgate Pads Tech Details

SwitchBack Tailgate Pads for trucks, with built-in seating

The Tailgate Pads are available in three sizes – the original $120 54″ wide Mid-Size for mid-size pickups, the $110 25″ wide Narrow to haul a single bike/seat one person (and to not obstruct backup cameras or your tailgate’s handle), and the new $160 58″ wide Full-Size for larger trucks.

SwitchBack Tailgate Pads for trucks, with built-in seating

Each of the Tailgate Pads are made from a durable, weatherproof fabric that is UV-resistant, and get daisy chain loops along the top to strap down your bike (or anything else you need to haul). The two wider pads also feature a central flap to access the tailgate’s latch.

SwitchBack Tailgate Pads for trucks, with built-in seatingThe padded, fold-down ‘Crazy-Creek’-style seats have adjustable straps so you can change their reclining angle. Plus, they feature a top flap that secures over the top of the tailgate, so mud from your bike doesn’t get inside to the seats when you haul bikes.

SwitchBack Tailgate Pads for trucks, with built-in seating

All of the Tailgate Pads are available now, direct from SwitchBack. Through the end of the year (expiring Dec 31), SwitchBack is offering 20% off all of their pads with the promo code ‘holiday2018‘ at checkout.



  1. I like the first picture, it reminds me why I would never use a tailgate pad with the bikes almost laying on their sides up against each other. While pads like this are cheap and convenient, they will do damage your bike and truck. That’s why most bike manufacturers warn against the use of the pad and will not warranty frames if they appear to have been damaged using one..
    The seat portion of this pad is unique though.

  2. The first picture shows one of the reasons I would never use a tailgate pad with the bikes practically laying on their sides and on top of each other.
    While tailgate pads are cheap and easy to use, they can and will damage both your truck and your bike, so much so, that bike manufacturers are refusing warranty claims from damages caused by a pad. This pad has a nice seat built in, so I guess this is a better pad than the rest.

  3. “What do you think?”

    I think you shouldn’t have the very first picture of your truck pad being used look like you were out doing clockwise donuts in your truck dumping the bikes over like that. Why would you want your pad represented with the bikes all leaning over on each other ghetto looking. Also, your truck pad should have some sort of strap (like most of the truck pads on the market) that attaches to the down tube to hold the bike in place to keep it from doing this. Instant turn off. I tried to see if the other pics had these straps and it looks like there might be loop points to use your own straps but it’s hard to tell.

    Other than that, the bench seat thing looks pretty cool.

    Not sure if Tyler or switchback is the party responsible for the pics on this review, but damn that first pic should be omitted.

  4. The first picture confirms why I think the pads are stupid in the first place. I’ve seen too many bikes with damage to their down tubes and frames from the bikes either falling into each other or bouncing around in the bed. Also damage to the tailgate with the pads rubbing the paint and dents where the bikes sit.

  5. why would you not put the straps on the pad? Its a cool product but no one is going to buy this without the straps to actually hold the bike, kind of a bummer

  6. But all the bra’s look so cool with their bikes piled in the back, driving them up the mountain to shred some gnar brown pow, and now they can even get less exercise by sitting on a couch.
    Almost no one needs a truck, these products contribute to oversized excessive Americans.

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