Early last year, Gore Wear introduced the latest evolution of their impressive Shakedry jackets. But more than just a new jacket, the launch had a lot to do with new technologies for Gore-Tex moving forward and completely new product categories. While their namesake Gore-Tex category would include all of their completely waterproof pieces, Gore Infinium would be a new category for all of their other technologies like Windstopper, Soft Line Shell, and other Gore technologies – like Gore-Tex Infinium Stretch.Gore Wear goes to Infinium & beyond w/ new Gore-Tex stretch glove technologyWhile their naming hierarchies are still a bit confusing, the construction of the new ‘GORE® M GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ STRETCH gloves’ is pretty straight forward. Starting with just two pieces of the stretchy Gore-Tex Infinium fabric, a 2D glove is made with a single seam to bond them together. Then the glove blank is placed on a 3D handform and heated so that the fabric loses a bit of stretch to create a preformed glove. This claims to create a much better fit that is close to skin for efficient moisture transfer all with 35% less material and 30% fewer seams.

The finger tips are touch screen compatible which is important, since Gore claims the gloves offer such a good fit that there should be little need to take them off for dexterity reasons. The gloves are apparently not water proof, but water repellent, along with being windproof.

Meant for anything from running to cycling, the GORE® M GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ STRETCH gloves will be available early this year and sell for €44.95.



  1. You had me at 30% less seams and pre-formed… must be an amazing fitting glove. I bet Lois Mabon still works there w/ killer products like this.

  2. I swear by Gore Bike Wear products; they’re amazing. But I thought that “Tex” was their definitive word for being waterproof… what have they done here?!

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