In the years since Box’s first carbon mountain bike wheels, rims have widened quite a bit for all-around trail riding. So now Box Components has reshaped their uniquely reinforced Box One Carbon Wheels to be 35% wider and essentially the same weight, for just a few bucks more…

Box One Carbon trail TR41 mountain bike wheels

Box One Carbon Wheels affordable carbon trail TR41 mountain bike 27.5 wheels
c. Box

Box Components first debuted their affordable Box One Carbon Wheels back in early 2016 with a set of 27.5 Trail rims with a 26mm internal width, and external rim reinforcement. As riding and bikes have progressed, Box decided it was time to update their wheels, so now they get a new wider profile tubeless rim for XC to All-Mountain riding, and plus-sized tires from 2.6-3.2″ wide. The unidirectional carbon rims keep the same external reinforcement at the nipples which allows them to keep the wheels stiff without adding any extra weight. That was especially helpful as the rims got more than a third wider to 41mm external now, keeping complete wheelset weights within +/- 15g of the original iteration.

Box One Carbon trail TR41 tech details

Box One Carbon Wheels affordable carbon trail TR41 mountain bike 27.5 wheels profile 35mm internal width

The new offset TR41 carbon rim features a hookless, tubeless-ready profile with bead-lock shoulders, and a wide, deep center channel. The new rim now stretches out to 35mm internal, and is 26.8mm deep.

Box One Carbon Wheels affordable carbon trail TR41 mountain bike 27.5 wheels

The alloy hubs on the Box One Carbons remain the same with 28 straight pull Sapim Race spokes per wheel, locked down with alloy nipples & washers.

Hubs offer a 36T ratchet & 3-pawls for 10° engagement, 6-bolt rotor attachment, and the choice of Boost or traditional thru-axle standards. Box also includes both a Shimano-ready HG freehub & SRAM XD driver with each rear wheel, plus four spare spokes & nipples with each wheel and tubeless valves & tape.

Box One Carbon Wheels affordable carbon trail TR41 mountain bike 27.5 wheels

The matte black ano wheels with laser-etched & water-transfer graphics are available now from Box for $700 for front & $800 for rear wheels, bringing the complete wheelset price up a hundred dollars since their original, more narrow debut. Wheelset weight claims though look to be mostly unchanged with a complete set ranging from around 1640-1655g.


  1. Very similar to Ibis 742/942 (same inner and outer width, same spoke offset, same hub specs as the cheaper Ibis hubs). Why choose these over the tried and trusted offering by Ibis?

  2. Please stop putting aluminum nipples on mountain bike wheels. It is only a matter of time before the corrode and the wheels become untrueable. In my case my Sram wheels the nipples wouldn’t turn even with an internal driver after six months. Thus I had to do a complete rebuild of nipples and spokes.

    Al’s stop making all wheels with black spokes. Yes the look nice. They also ping because the spokes can’t move freely over each other. This only applies to wheels the have a crossing spoke that touches, so not all wheels.

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