The top of the line Park Tool wheel truing stand was updated at Frost Bike 2017, but now it gets a rolling update with a few minor mods to make it easier to use and more capable. The TS 4.2 switches to a welded base to keep it centered, and it’ll now fit all known tires, no matter how big.

2019 Park Tool TS42 wheel truing stand for all wheel and tire sizes including the biggest fat bike tires

The width adjustment dial on the side switches to a speed knob with a handle, saving time when going between extremes (like, say, a road bike wheel to a fat bike wheel).

whats the best bicycle wheel truing stand for fat bike wheels

A bolt nub was added to the cone inside the arms to make it easier to get the wheel into place by creating a small perch to rest the hub’s axle hole on while closing the arms in. Retail is $426.95.

The new HBT1 (Hose Barb Tool) cuts hydraulic hoses only (not meant for cable housing!), then presses the barb in. Retail is $105.95.

park tool 12 speed chain whips for new sram and campagnolo 12 speed chains

Chain whips and tools are updated for 12 speed chains, and the breaker is updated to fit the larger rollers on new SRAM AXS chains.

2019 park took ratchets and breaker bars

New 3/8” ratchet and breaker bar to fit all their modern bits.

Not shown, there are new DUB drifts for the BBP1.2 bottom bracket press tool.


  1. I’ve got the TS2-2, but I think that Park Tools really ought to bring back the TS-3. It would likely be priced at Centrimaster/P&K Lie prices, but it was a superb stand.

    • I’ve used all three. Yes the TS-3 had great construction, the Centrimaster is a solid piece as well, but if you true by gauge none compare to the P&K. In a league of its own. The P&K gauges make the Park and Centrimaster gauges seem schizophrenic.

      • P&K makes most truing tools look like they are from harbor freight or something like that! It is the truing stand dreams are made from!

        However the new stand looks like a solid shop tool for most shops and the ability to deal with the new super mega ultra boost plus hubs that will start coming soon will be nice 29×6 will soon be the future and forget eTap soon you will have a small dot in your helmet that controls shifting and braking by thought on your 1×24 IGH that weighs the same as a SON dynamo hub! You will also get 82 new bottom bracket standards because it can’t be all good news!

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