The new DVO Jade X launches later this summer, likely July, as an enduro version of the DH-oriented Jade coil shock. Functionally, the main difference is that rather than a full range dial, it switches the low speed compression adjustment to a three position lever with lockout, middle and descend modes. Inside, damping profiles were updated, especially the rebound. They slowed down the low speed rebound to help it better support the rider on mellow movements, but the high speed was sped up to help it recover from big, successive hits more quickly so it won’t pack up.

2019 DVO Jade X coil shock for enduro mountain bikes

It’s reservoir gets mounted transversely, like the Topaz, which they say helps manage heat better. Target is $550 for the body, coils range from $40 for a standard steel to $100 for the lightweight steel coil, which will save almost a full pound. Shock body is around 300g, exact specs to come at launch.

2020 DVO Onyx 180mm long travel single crown enduro mtb fork

For the forks, they have a single crown Onyx 29er coming in July also, which will join the 27.5″ version that came out in November 2018. They held back on the larger wheel size version because they had to rework the crown to handle 180mm of travel with 29” wheels. It gets their OTT coil spring negative with an air spring main chamber. Damping specs are the same as the 27.5, hit that link for those details.

2020 DVO Onyx 180mm long travel single crown enduro mtb fork

Price is $1,050, weight is 2,290g (claimed). Comes set at 180mm travel, can drop down to 160mm with included travel spacers. Axle-to-crown at 180mm travel is 592mm, and the 29er version has a 44mm offset.


  1. Weird that the Jade x is basically a neutered version of the Jade, yet costs a lot more. I can’t imagine being willing to give up LSC adjustment for a lever – I can’t say I’ve ever met anyone that thinks the 3-position levers on modern shocks are a useful feature; you’re basically giving up all compression adjustment since only one of the 3 positions is useful on most frames.

    The Onxy SC though; 180mm, 29er, DVO damping with OTT… That’s the promised land, right there. Assuming they’re going to have the cool reduced offset option.

    • Responding to i. I’ve got the original Jade on a 160mm trail bike. I can say that I’ll be upgrading to the new version. On a trail bike, I do 3k ft climbs at least twice a week. The original Jade is very active, even with LSC all the way slow. The climb switch will be a godsend for me. If you don’t need all this since you don’t pedal, just get the original Jade.

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