Ritte has been around for about a decade, but lately it’s been headed up by new but familiar faces. When the original founder decided to check out other options, some of team stepped in to keep the dream alive. And grow it. So, the bikes shown here are current models, but there’s a few hints at things coming later this year…

We had video up previously, however Ritte decided it showed a little too much and asked us to take it down since the bikes are still a long ways out and may change from what was shown. Those bikes were shown in a private setting and non on public display, we’ve obliged. So, while we can’t say too much, suffice to say they’re fans of steel and they’re not immune to the market pressures of gravel madness.

does ritte still make road bikes

The Snob is their stainless steel road bike, available with rim or disc brakes.

It comes with plenty of polished metal on its rear end to show off the premium material. Both versions will clear 28mm tires (assuming your rim brake calipers will, too), and use lazer mitered tubes and a PF30 BB.

Ritte Ace is the carbon one

The Ritte Ace is their carbon road bike, made as a monocoque frame with hard internal molds. It’s currently coming in this multi-shade blue, the matte black below, and a few other paint schemes shown on their website.

They say they’re working on a disc brake version, but couldn’t confirm a timeline on availability. We’ll let you know as soon as we know.



  1. The Snob’s a nice looking frame, but the PF30 is a let down. A T-47 BB would have satisfied more potential customers.

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