The RST Spex brings full size suspension performance to the front of your kids’ mountain bikes, offering air-sprung, adjustable hydraulic damping on 20″ wheel chassis. The forks get alloy steerers, crowns and stanchions with magnesium lowers, and they’ll come in disc brake-only and disc/V-brake versions. They’re limited to 60mm and 80mm of travel but can run up to a 180mm disc brake rotor.

They also have options with 9mm QR dropouts or 15mm thru axles. The controls have a low speed compression and rebound knob, with the former going all the way to full lockout. Behind the Spex is the disc-only Snyper, shown on the bike, which is their 24″ counterpart and adds the option of a straight or tapered steerer. Weights from 1.85kg to about 2kg, depending on model and options.

X-Fusion makes your enduro bike lighter

Apparently X-Fusion had an anti-focus forcefield around their products.

If you’re a fan of coil shocks but a downhill version is overkill…or underkill thanks to a lack of platform and damping controls, then the new X-Fusion H3C coil shock gives you another option. It’s lighter, and aimed at all-mountain to enduro riding with a 3-position platform lever plus low-speed compression knob on the outside.

whats the best lightest coil shock for enduro mountain bikes

xfusion h3c coil shock with lightweight steel spring and all-mountain bike platform settings for climbing during an enduro race

There’s also an external rebound adjustment knob, but what sets it apart is the lightweight spring. They weren’t saying exactly what the material mix is (it’s metal, obviously), but the entire shock with spring comes in at just 700g. And from the looks of this video, they’re working on a new coil for their forks, too:

Check out the current lineup at

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