Ever wonder how some of the biggest brands got to where they are? Or where wide carbon rims came from? Wider tires? Full suspension carbon mountain bikes? In this interview, we sat down with Ibis co-founders Scot Nicol and Hans Heim and just let the tape run. This is without a doubt one of the most interesting interviews you’ll ever hear, touching on everything from how Ibis Cycles got started to how so many of the things we ride today from so many brands all came to be. And most of it’s from a guy you’ve probably never heard of, but he’s been behind some amazing things!

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  1. Sheldom Brown on

    Amazing audio document. I was in the market for a Santa Cruz, not gonna make it now… nop… no, no. Not an Ibis either of course, I enjoy reliable and affordable bikes. The more industry info you get, the more I want to buy me an open mold frame in china.

  2. Frederic CREMERS on

    That Podcast is cool, thanks a lot, this is exactly what I want to listen to over and over again, stellar job guys. Now, I want to hear Santa Cruz’s side of story (just joking…maybe not). I had one Mojo sl and was so stoked when “chuck” answered on of my mails himself. Great company and no surprise run by cool guys.

  3. Reedo on

    I stopped caring about Ibis when they started the “Tranny” model, complete with the “Tranny’s don’t just hang around SoHo” tag line. I started calling them out after they turned down multiple requests from multiple people to knock it off. I’ll get my MTB history elsewhere.

  4. gibboon on

    I legitimately want to buy an Ibis purely on the strength of this podcast (always wanted an original ‘Chuck’ Ibis). (deleted)


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