The Swiss company Tranzbag, pioneer of foldable bicycle transport bags, has introduced the world’s first inflatable bicycle transport bag for air transport. Using an ordinary presta valve track pump, the frame of the bag is inflated, giving it its shape. To be clear, the air compartment doesn’t surround the entire bag, just the tubes making up the frame of the bag. Its design doesn’t look to cushion the entire bike with air necessarily, though it will cushion some of it. Importantly, it means the bag itself can be folded down when not in use. This means that when you get off the air plane to begin your bikepacking adventure, for example, you can carry your folded bike bag around with you easily, instead of having to find somewhere to store it for your return journey.

Tranzbag AIR bicycle transport bag for air travel

Due to its large size, dismantling the bicycle for air transport is no longer necessary. The rear wheel and handlebars don’t have to be removed. This was an important design feature for Tranzbag, as more and more companies are designing their bicycles with internal cable routing. Handlebars, stem and bicycle frame thus become a unit that can no longer be easily dismantled by bicycle users. Tranzbag say it takes just 10 minutes to pack any type of bicycle into the Tranzbag AIR; Road, Gravel, Mountain Bike, Touring bike, Cyclocross, with a wheel size range of 26″ to 29″+. After removing the front wheel, the Tranzbag AIR allows the complete bike to be integrally stowed and fixed within minutes. It also comes with neat brake rotor protectors and a fork protector.

The Tranzbag AIR bag rolls on four wheels, with the front wheels are steerable meaning it can be carried and steered comfortably with one hand, even over long distances. With the RubberNose feature, the Tranzbag AIR can be transported vertically in public transport in a space-saving manner. Three built-in accessory pockets provide ample storage space for your bike gear. You should be able to pack your bicycle along with all of your bicycle-related kit and paraphernalia in the Tranzbag AIR, keeping it all in one place.

Pricing and Availability


The Tranzbag AIR weighs 9.3 kg

The Tranzbag AIR will be available in 3 colorways from July 2019, direct from Tranzbag, and will set you back $799.


  1. mudrock on

    So it will inevitably spring a leak, and maybe in an inconvenient place near a seam or an edge where a patch does not work so successfully. What then?

  2. Greg on

    biknd bags have bladders. Inevitably, TSA deflates one and doesn’t fill it back up. They also get punctured, although the ones I’ve seen may have been from a “bad batch” of bladders.

  3. satanas on

    Interesting idea, but most people don’t carry a track pump, and inflating the bag with a mini pump might take hours. CO2 maybe? And while it’s less huge than other bike cases it’s still too big to carry on the bike (IMHO). No mention of the weight either, which is probably significant.


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