Want to know why the trade war with China and its tariffs are only going to send more jobs OUT of America? And why they’ll make many of your bikes and components and accessories more expensive without doing anything to stimulate our home economy?

In this episode, Silca founder Josh Poertner tells us how he acquired and has rebuilt the legendary brand before we dive deep into how and why the tariffs are bad for business. There’s more to it than you think, and it’s created a situation that let’s domestic materials suppliers gouge their customers, too. It’s bad, but knowledge is power, and after hearing this, you  may rethink all those empty promises that come around in the next election cycle.

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  1. Ira on

    I dislike everything about the modern Silca and most of their product positioning/marketing/prices but this was a good discussion.

    • Robin on

      I’m not sure what upsets people so much about Silca stuff. The put out quality stuff with, I believe, the vast majority of it made here in the US. Is the price higher than comparable products? Maybe. I guess it depends on what you consider comparable. I’m completely chuffed with my Tattico mini-pump and Premio seat roll. They both ooze quality and perform exactly as advertised.

    • dypeterc on

      Got their Maratona gear bag for Xmas this year. Game changer. I used to pack my stuff in a Specialized duffle bag and it was a mess. This Maratona bag makes it so easy to get gear in and out of the car and everything is super accessible. And it carries like a back pack so I have both hands free making opening doors and transporting the bike. Saves me 10-15 mins each ride bc I can take everything in one trip. Makes life so much easier and I’ll take that any day for $200

    • Joshua Poertner on

      Ira, I’d love to hear what you dislike so much about the modern SILCA. I know that we generate a LOT of hate on the internet, mainly about our higher prices, but you mention positioning and marketing which is far more nuanced than the normal ‘you guys are too expensive’. I comment here on my Facebook profile so feel free to message me there if you don’t want to do it here, or we are ALWAYS available to talk sales(at)silca(dot)cc and I’ll get back to you personally. Thanks and best. J

  2. Geoff on

    I really wish more stories like this would realise that not all the readership is in America, and it actually comes across as quite insulting when there’s a regular implication that stuff being done outside the US is bad.
    Also the days of using caps for emphasis were 20 years ago, please move on.

    • K-Pop is dangerous to your health on

      So, Geoff.. I just listened to the entire 56:09 of this podcast and didn’t hear one word about what you’re implying. In fact if you had actually listened to it you would have learned that it takes 72 vendors in 11-12 different countries to make all the parts just for the Ultimate pump. And that Silca uses the same vendor in Italy that produces the leather cup washers since 1947. Seems your analysis needs a bit of work.

  3. Calvin on

    You guys should come to Australia where we get Australia taxed on everything. We even pay more for our own domestic gas than other countries that buy it from us. Recently we are getting stooged by geoblocking from the two big S despite having no real trade barriers and the kicker is our local markets are junk for both with ridiculous stock levels and really long wait times for even simple parts.

    • Rodrigo Diaz on

      Did you see the political post on how Guerrilla Gravity is re-patriating bicycle carbon manufacturing. Amazing discussions on neo-globalism and the rise of grassroots civil movement.

      /end sarcasm/

  4. Velofreak on

    I have their saddle bag, it’s 3-5 times more expensive than others. it’s 10 times better than the rest, at least.
    The guy knows his stuff, he would be 20 times better than Trump.

  5. Adam Kerin on

    Awesome podcast. Such vital info and perspective, how josh framed examples was amazing. I hope this can reach as wide and audience as possible and everyone understand how to support local business, but not only that, as well as asking industry players how it affects, bombard local congressman or senator with questions re above. I bet most have no clue, at all, just rhetoric. Good work bike rumour putting this one on.


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