Ultimate Direction does more than just make fancy running shorts that give enduro riders a new way to carry flasks, they also make a lightweight tarp shelter for hikers. Now, with the new Bike Tarp Conversion Kit, you can swap the trekking poles for your bike to prop up the featherweight shelter.

The $39.95 kit includes a handlebar pad that works for both flat and drop bars, so you can use it on just about any bike. Stabilizer cords stake into the ground at the rear of your bike, connected to your bike with a hook-and-loop strap around the seatpost.

ultimate direction bike tarp conversion kit turns your tarp into a shelter tent

Top photo: Brendan Davis. Graphic: Ultimate Direction.

Those work with UD’s PK Tarp ($199), which has a packed weight of 14oz (399g) and minimum weight of just 10oz (283g). It’s a PU/Silicone coated 20D nylon ripstop material that touches down in three points to keep it taut and sturdy once combined with your bike. They also make a FK Bivvy that adds more rain and bug protection if you don’t like to sleep so exposed.



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