The latest Niner RIP9 RDO has been winning praise from most anyone that’s ridden it, us included, and now it’s finally available in a black on black (with a little gray) murdered-out colorway. Which is a little easier to match your existing parts to if you’re building up a frameset, or just a stealthy way to bomb through the trails. Like the original colors (which are still current), this one’s available in both 29er and 27.5 frames, each using their flip chip inside the rear linkage to let you adjust the geometry. And you can get this frame color in all of the spec and build options, too…just ask your local dealer to order one up.

Speedsleev x Lunar Concepts MultiCam bags

dark camo bicycle saddle bag accessory strap and handlebar bag

Speedsleev recently debuted their Diego handlebar bag, and now they’ve got a limited edition dark camo version that’s handmade in their hometown of Lancaster, PA, by Lunar Concepts. Need a matching setup? Their Enduro Strap and Ranger Seatbag also get the MultiCam treatment, and you can get the whole kit for $130. Pieces also sold separately.

Stompump puts its foot down on pricing

stompump mini bicycle foot pump to inflate bike tires

If you repeatedly skip arm day (because it’s just more dead weight, bro), you might wanna consider the Stompump to inflate your tires on the go. It’s compact, can strap to your frame, or fit inside a big jersey pocket or small pack. Even a fanny, er, sorry, hip pack. And now it’s just $69.99. What the heck’s a Stompump? Check out this post for all the tech details.


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