Still fresh on the cycling scene, Italian helmet manufacturer LEM is already upgrading their collection with the carbon-reinforced Motiv Air. The original collection focused on everything from youth to road to mountain bike riders, with price points starting at just $65. This new one brings the average up, along with the technology.

lem motiv air carbon fiber road bike helmet

lem motiv air carbon fiber road bike helmet

With a claimed weight around 220g (size medium) and six colors to choose from, the Motiv Air offers big vents and a rear adjustment that offers a big vertical range to really get under your cranium and keep it in places. But it’s the physical construction that sets it apart from the rest of their line…

LEM motiv air uses a carbon fiber skeleton to product a lightweight road bike helmet for gravel and XC riders too

By placing a thin carbon fiber exoskeleton (called exoCarbon) under the standard polycarbonate outer shell, they’re able to give it a strong outer structure that shouldn’t break apart during a crash. This means they’re not relying on harder EPS foam to provide the structure, so they can use a softer density foam to better absorb impacts. This helps keep it lightweight, and allows for bigger vents…23 of them if you’re counting.

Retail will be $225 when it starts shipping in late summer/early fall (October 1 target, possibly earlier). We have one in for review, stay tuned for a full write up with actual weights.


  1. mud+rock on

    I guess nobody told them that quality helmets come with MIPS, or some other slip system. I was at my LBS the other day and they come on $99 helmets now.

    And odd that Tyler wouldn’t point that out.

  2. Speedneedle on

    Well to be fair, no one of the Italian brands (Kask, MET, Suomy, etc.) seems to think MIPS or similar matters. It’s all about that italian style and flair…


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