The new SRM X-Power pedals are the first mountain bike pedals with integrated power meters, and they’re coming in early 2020. They do more than just stuff a strain gauge into the spindle, though. SRM says there’s no calibration process, and the electronics have been upgraded from what’s in the their Exakt road bike pedals. Price will be under $1,000, a big drop from the Exakt, too.

SRM X-Power mountain bike power meter pedals

They’re SPD compatible, and all electronics and the battery are inside the spindle to keep them safe from the elements…and from damage. They can replace just the body of you wreck them, which is far cheaper than replacing the whole thing.

They’re ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible, and will work with any modern head unit that can read left/right power. And with Zwift. A magnetic charging port is moved to spindle side. This spot is easier to access than the back of the spindle, and reduces opportunities for water to get in. Just plug the included adapter into a micro-USB cable and power them up.

The spindles are stainless steel with three separate bearings to keep them stiff and rolling smooth. The body is alloy, with steel retention hooks. Weight is TBA. They’ll also have an iOS and Android app when they launch, and be offered on their own (but only as a pair), or as a bundle with an SRM PC8 computer.

Not shown, the Origin alloy power meter crankset now shipping for €1,400, and it’s modular so you upgrade to those sweet Look-made carbon cranks later.

SRM Smart Indoor Trainer

does anyone make a stationary bike indoor trainer for real cyclists

Seems 2019 is the year to launch an indoor trainer, with Wahoo and Stages both introducing new standalone stationary bikes. And SRM’s in on it to with their new SmartIT (for Smart Indoor Trainer) bike. While a bit more tubular than the others, it still offers all of the fit adjustment and high end power measurement you’d expect from a very expensive option.

SRM SmartIT smart indoor trainer for cyclists who train with power

With a price tag of €5,000 plus VAT, it’s the most expensive option. For that, you get 11 speed shifting to spin a big flywheel for realistic road feel. And up to 1,400 watts of resistance held true thanks to a stout stainless steel frame.

A built-in SRM power meter gives you +/-1% accuracy, and you can send that data to whatever head unit you want (we’re double checking whether it includes the PC8 shown here, hang tight). It comes with the remote shown, letting you change the resistance in 5 watt increments. Use the app to create your own workouts, or let programs like Zwift control it for you. It’ll connect with Bluetooth, ANT+ and FE-C.

what is the best indoor bicycle trainer for serious cyclists

Like the others, the SRM SmartIT offers a massive amount of adjustment, and uses standard handlebars and saddles. So, you can use your favorite bar and seat, whether they’re road, triathlon or mountain bike versions.


  1. Collin on

    Depending on the durability, these could be a game changer in MTB power. Actual right left power would be way to noisey in single track but as a way to have power regardless of setup would be huge.

  2. Johnny on

    I’ve broken more pedals than I care to remember over the years. At $1k a pop, it would make me think more than twice about these as a purchase…


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