Wireless components allow for a super clean build and system customization. But they also allow for a digital connection that opens the door for further ride tracking and information. If you’re the type of rider to geek out on all of the ride metrics, and you’ve already upgraded to SRAM AXS, you can jump on the AXS Web Beta testing program that SRAM just announced.

Ready for even more ride data? SRAM opens AXS Web Beta testing to existing app users

More than just notifications about your components’ batteries, AXS Web will offer the ability to track which gears you spent the most time in, power output tracking, and even full ride tracking. Like most apps, it’s also likely to keep improving and adding features as the program evolves out of Beta testing.

Ready for even more ride data? SRAM opens AXS Web Beta testing to existing app usersReady for even more ride data? SRAM opens AXS Web Beta testing to existing app users

Depending on your component selection, it looks like the program will also integrate with the Quarq TyreWiz and we wouldn’t be surprised for it to include the ShockWiz as well.

As part of the Beta testing program, AXS Web is only open to riders using the AXS app and who also have a Garmin head unit and a Garmin Connect account. SRAM states that they are working on including other head units, but for now it’s Garmin only.

If that’s you, update your AXS app and head over to the AXS log in page. There you’ll need to link your Garmin Connect account with your AXS app, and pair your head unit with your components. SRAM will be collecting feedback from the Beta testing, and will continue to send out updates as the program evolves.



  1. Do you know how is the power measured? AXS system can do that together with the Garmin computer? Or you need a powermeter for that?

    • Its only measured if you have a power meter. Not sure if it needs to be an AXS power meter or not. I’d guess not since it is really just pulling this info from Garmin.

  2. Why wouldn’t this just go into the Garmin Edge computer along with location/speed/cadence/power/etc? Why the Rube Goldberg contraption that sends gear information to SRAM’s website that then has to be synced to Garmin Connect? GC already supports SRAM gear data natively via ANT+.

  3. Nah dont care about pointless data or zwifts or stradas or whatever cornball contraptions people are using now a days. Just ride your bike!

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