Kriss Kyle is dropping in again with a new edit – only this time it’s from a paraglider instead of a helicopter. Kriss seems to have cornered the market on insane drop-ins and riding his BMX in fantastical situations around the globe. This time, VisitDenmark brought him to “The Land of Everyday Wonder” to let his imagination and skills on a bike run wild.

From Red Bull:

Kriss Kyle pulls off amazing BMX tricks across the most unique spots in Denmark.

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What could be more obvious than doing a BMX edit in a country where the average person pedals more than 500km a year? Probably not a lot of things. In Denmark – a country that has ranked as the happiest in the world in for several years, biking is a way of life. Kyle took full advantage of the laid-back lifestyle and love of all things two-wheels to explore some of the wildest places in the Scandinavian country.

His three-week journey saw him travel to the likes of Copenhagen, Aarhus, Jutland, Løkken, Falster Island, Møn Island and Klampenborg and perform tricks like paragliding with his bike onto a beach, ride in an underwater aquarium with sharks and take his bike on rollercoasters, cliffs, boats and planes.


Shot on location: Nyhavn | Bakken | LEGOLAND | Kalvebod Wave | Camp Adventure | Den Blå Planet – National Aquarium of Denmark | Møns Klint | Ida Ferry | Nordic Sea Planes | Rubjerg Knude | Atlantic Wall _

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