Paul Component is on a roll, re-launching blue anodized options for all of their parts, a new dual-pull brake lever to handle front and rear with a single finger, and now a new dropper remote lever. The new Paul 31.8mm remote trigger for dropper seatposts mounts to standard road and gravel bike handlebar center clamp sections. This lets you place the remote close to the stem to the lever’s in the right spot when riding on the tops.

paul component 31.8mm clamp dropper seatpost remote lever for gravel bike drop handlebars

Machined in Chico, CA, in their own workshop, it’s made with the same “double stacked, sealed cartridge bearings” as their 22.2mm flat bar remote lever, so there’s no slop. What makes it unique is the 90º entry angle and complete 180º cable wrap around, sending both ends straight forward to avoid interference with anything else on the front of your bars.

paul component 31.8mm clamp dropper seatpost remote lever

It’s cut from US-sourced 6061 alloy and weighs in at a claimed 40g. Retail is $90 for raw, black, blue and purple finishes. Add $18 for polished. Available now.

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