Offering yet another way to tune your suspension, Cane Creek is getting progressive. With their springs, that is. Adding to their VALT light weight suspension spring line up, Cane creek is introducing a progressive spring that may just allow you to run a coil shock on a bike that other coils don’t work so well.

The concept behind a progressive rate spring is that as the shock moves through its travel, the spring rate increases. This keeps the super supple, traction enhancing feel of coil shocks through their initial travel, but ramps things up towards the end similar to an air shock. Cane Creek claims that this “allow riders to use coil shocks – such as Cane Creek’s DBcoil IL and DBcoil CS – on bikes not otherwise suited for the linear nature of a coil.” Basically, some bikes that are designed to work with a progressive shock will blow through the end of the travel if run with a linear coil spring, but this might change things. 

For the moment, Cane Creek is keeping things black and white – meaning standard linear springs will be black, and all of the progressive springs will be white. Cane Creek mentions that might change based on customer feedback, but for now it’s an easy way to differentiate the two different spring types. Progressive-rate springs will be available in 55 & 65mm stroke lengths, and in 400lbs – 488lbs to 500lbs – 610lbs spring rates. Progressive-rate springs will sell for $100 each. 


Progressive-Rate VALT Spring Options:

  • 55MM X 400-488LB
  • 55MM X 450-550LB
  • 55MM X 500-610LB
  • 65MM X 400-488LB
  • 65MM X 450-550LB
  • 65MM X 500-610LB

To go along with the new progressive-rate VALT springs, Cane Creek is also offering a new color option for the DBcoil IL shocks. Now, the inline coil will be available in mostly black with a gloss black damper tube replacing the previous gold one. The shock remains functionally identical though, and offers piggyback shock performance in a package to fit more frames (and water bottles). The black DBcoil IL will sell for $460 and comes in the configurations below.

Black Dbcoil IL Configuration Options:

  • 200/57 – FACTORY TUNE
  • 210/55 – FACTORY TUNE
  • 216/63 – FACTORY TUNE
  • 200/50 – FACTORY TUNE
  • 210/50 – FACTORY TUNE
  • 210/50 – STUMPJUMPER 29 2019
  • 210/52.5 – STUMPJUMPER 27.5 2019


  1. interesting – if I’m reading this right, the spring rate increases 20% over the course of compression. Of course, the softest part of the spring will be taken up with sag, so the positive travel won’t increase that much. Will not be the easiest thing to tune correctly I imagine, but still cool

    • I would think the rate ramp is much steeper in an air shock. But if you followed the Springdex thread, you’d know the coil spring boys are hella serious about coil springs, and absolutely nothing else will do. And anyone who ride airshocks (me included) is a complete tool.

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