Silca announced “One Straw To Outlive Them All” – a new titanium drinking straw set. They’re made out of leftover titanium tubing from Sicuro bottle cage production, resulting in a 99.9% material utilization rate. The straws are hand finished and anodized into four different colors.

Silca Titanium Straw Set

Silca makes a wide range of products, and is branching out beyond bicycle-specific goods. The new Titanium Straw Set isn’t groundbreaking per se, but it is made entirely from material that would otherwise be scrapped, making the leftovers into the fanciest reusable straws you can find.

How did the project start? Here’s the 4-1-1, straight from Silca:

“Early in the Ti Bottle Cage development process, the engineers over at SilCA realized that they could yield 6 cages per stick of tubing from the mill with a 9″ piece left-over. By modifying their bending and using the thinnest possible cutting blades, they now have exactly 8.5″ of leftover Titanium tubing for every 6 bottle cages produced. This means that the ONLY waste from the Ti Cage production process is in the saw kerf (material turned into shavings when cutting) giving this product a 99.9% material utilization rate — we’ll drink (through a straw) to that!”

The tubing is 6.35mm diameter 3/2.5 titanium, cut to 8.5″ lengths. Silca notes that the rainbow anodize color (above) is done entirely by hand, so no two will be exactly the same.

Sets include one straight and one bent straw and are dishwasher safe (Silca recommends cleaning them before use). They are available now for $30 per pair.


  1. Jeff on

    Silca sure knows their audience by putting it in a Rapha glass.

    You can get a pair of Ti straws with a carrying pouch and cleaners for half of what silca is asking on amazon. But you can’t hold your nose quite as high when slurping you bespoke microbrew ipa

  2. JBikes on

    It’s a waste product out to use. Kudos on that.
    I am not sure how optimizing cuts gets you less material though (from 9” to 8.5”, both for 6 cages…seems backwards)

  3. Manuel Torres on

    These people of Silca, with a background doing marketing based products in zipp and sram… I don’t know man, why do they jumped into king ti market? king ti is the real thing, this is a copy, with vertical bottle cabe bolts hole, what a disaster of a design, but they have the marketing king ti doesn’t need to do…

    Anyhow, a bit embarrased now with this product and price, and then their other new saddle bag, 100% made in usa but affected by tariffs… what a joke.

    Ride your bike more Josh, ride your bike more, it’s about the ride, not the marketing. Learn from Contador. Not all is mathematics.

  4. MTB4ME on

    Hey Man-ee, while I can empathize with anyone that feels forced into embarrassment, this has to be the most Troll-like and inconsequential “comment” I’ve read for a while. You sir, should ride more and bitch/carp/troll less. BTW, the “these people” bit is a bit offside;-)! Happy sippin’, dude!

  5. Joenomad on

    King Cage produces both the Silca cages and straws for them. If you don’t need the branding, you can save a few dollars going direct to the source. (This is incorrect, see Silca’s response below – Ed.)

  6. Matt M. on

    As much as I love Silca, this seems to be a joke. King Cage has been doing this–much cheaper for a while now. If you want the Anodized finish–Agave Finishes on eBay sells King Cage’s version in various anodized finishes for a few bucks more than the plain Ti colored King Cage one (Still approximately half the price of Silca’s). I think Silca missed the mark on this one.

    For the record–I have several of the new Silca Pumps, some of the tools, BOA saddle bags etc. and they are all awesome. Being from Indiana, I like to support Silca, but when I saw the price, I thought “no thanks”.


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