“I love nickelllllll!” That doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as the famous line, but if you find yourself a lover of shiny bike parts, we’ve got another one for you. Wolf Tooth Components has apparently had quite the success with their other nickel plated components and chainrings, so now they’re getting the drop on new ReMotes as well.

Wolf Tooth dropper levers get shiny with Limited Edition Nickel Plated ReMotes

By now, you probably know the drill. WTC has made a limited run of the nickel plated ReMotes, and once they’re gone – they may be gone for good. Or at least a long while. The shiny levers are available in the standard ReMote or ReMote Light Action and in clamp fit only (though you could always purchase a conversion kit to use them on a bunch of different mounts). The nickel plating process seems to always add a bit to the price of the components, so these are priced at $74.95 – a $5 premium over the anodized limited edition ReMotes. Both are available now.


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