Bikase announced the ABC Cage, short for “Any Bottle Cage”. Just as the name suggests, the design allows for your to carry just about any size bottle on your bike, from narrow store-bought water bottles to giant-size sports drinks or camping bottles. The flexible cage and ratcheting strap adjust to provide a secure, slip-free fit.

BiKASE ABC Cage bottle and beverage carrier

We’re no stranger to alternative beverage carrying gadgets, and Bikase introduced a clever solution to the bottle diameter dilemma. While most serious cyclists always use a standard-size cycling drink bottle, many people want to carry bottles, cans, store-bought water bottles, or larger size camping bottles.

The Any Bottle Cage uses a unique ratcheting strap to secure any bottle size 2 1/4″ to 4 3/4″.

While the most common mounting location is a pair of frame bottle bosses, handlebar and seat post adapters are also available. The ABC Cage is available now for $25.


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