Wolf Tooth Components announced the B-RAD Bottle Shift, the latest addition to their B-RAD system. It carries a bottle cage and frame pump, but shifts the position 9mm outward and adds a 10-degree angle. This provides easier bottle access and better clearance for fussy frames and rear suspension designs.

Wolf Tooth Components B-RAD Bottle Shift

Wolf Tooth already has a lot of ways to carry your accessories, and just added one more. Some frames have issues fitting bottles in the rear triangle, which can interfere with the rear shock reservoir or particularly large or curvy downtubes. The new B-RAD Bottle Shift is designed to move your goodies just out of the way, to provide ample clearance and easier access when you need a drink.

The bottle cage position is shifted 9mm outward and angled by 10 degrees. Combined with mounting slots and dual mounting positions, you get a grand total of 18mm of position adjustment. This could mean fitting a bottle into a very small size frame, or perhaps fitting a larger 24-ounce bottle into larger frames.

The bracket is made of 6061-T6 aluminum, weighs 24 grams (including hardware), and has a maximum carrying capacity of 1,700 grams.

The B-RAD Bottle Shift is available now for $20, and is covered by a 1-year warranty for defects in materials or workmanship.



    • Mark on

      For that, you’d want their double bottle adaptor. Check out their whole range if B-RAD accessories. B-RAD stands for “Bottle Relocation and Accessory Device” and pretty much lives up to that name.

  1. Johann on

    I think most frames would have difficulties fitting a bottle in the REAR triangle 🙂 They are having a huge market ahead!
    Unless you want to correct to FRONT triangle and shrink their market share to something more realistic 😀

  2. Ted Wiegandt on

    This is a huge deal for me. It is crazy when you can’t fit a bottle on a large frame. WT also saved the day with the tall volcano style headset top caps making 50mm of spacers not look as goofy. I am not sure what math supports only adding around 1/4″ of head tube for every 2″ of seat tube.

  3. Greg on

    Something so simple seems like such a great idea. I always pull my bottle from the right, so now this will shift it over more and give me more clearance for my One Up pump that I mount on the left of the bottle on the frame. My left crank arm was just barely hitting the pump so hopefully this solves that and gives me more clearance.

    • Dustin on

      Every time my Oneup pump twist just enough to knock my crankarm, I am first convinced that my BB is deadbefore I realize its just the pump again.


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