In addition to their new tire plug kit, smart connected bike lights, GPS updates & tiny ratchet tool kit, Lezyne just snuck this new miniature hand pump past us before the end of the year. Lots of new products, but this new Lezyne Pocket Drive looks pretty cool… smaller, lighter & cheaper than all their other premium mini-pumps, without compromising  on performance. Oh, and some extra Tall floor pumps for quicker inflation…

Lezyne Pocket Drive mini-pump, even more mini than ever

Lezyne Pocket Drive mini-pump, tiny compact all alloy lightweight road bike hand pump

c. Lezyne

The new Pocket Drive has a ‘less is more’ mentality. At just 14cm/5.5″ long this little guy will easily fit in a jersey pocket. It’ll also fit in bottle cage tool carriers & maybe even some tool rolls. In fact, it more than an inch shorter than the small versions of their other compact hand pumps.

Lezyne Pocket Drive mini-pump, tiny compact all alloy lightweight road bike hand pump

But inside its telescoping, all CNC-machined alloy body, it still includes the standard Lezyne integrated flexible rubber hose that lets you pump away without undue stress on either Presta or Schrader valve. That’s pretty much the same layout & function as the original Pressure Drive which we reviewed many moons ago, and is still one of our favorites.

It also gets a machined, knurled grip on the handle to make it easy to get ahold of. And the little pump still is rated up to 160psi (11bar) which is more than anyone outside of the velodrome should even thing of using these days.

Lezyne Pocket Drive mini-pump, tiny compact all alloy lightweight road bike hand pump

Tiny also means lightweight. At just 79g, the new Pocket Drive is lighter than all but just one of Lezyne’s most expensive carbon pumps (and the one that costs more than 3x as much, would only save you 6g.)

Pocket Drive – pricing & availability

Lezyne Pocket Drive mini-pump, tiny compact all alloy lightweight road bike hand pump

The diminutive Pocket Drive sells for $30 / 25€ and is available in black or dark gray ano. There is also a Pocket Drive Loaded kit for $50 / 45€ that includes the pump, a pair of tire levers, a Twin Speed Drive CO2 inflator with two cartridges, and a velcro strap setup to attach it all to a seatpost. All options are available now, online & anywhere you buy Lezyne gear.

Need something a bit longer? Try a Floor Drive Tall!

Lezyne Floor Drive Tall, extended floor pumps track pumps Sport Steel Alloy Floor Drive

Lezyne Sport, Steel & Alloy Floor Drive Tall pumps

If you aren’t looking to put in hundreds of pumps to air up your tires, you could also look to Lezyne’s latest extra-long stroke floor pumps. The $55 / 50€ Sport Floor Drive Tall, $65 / 60€ Steel Floor Drive Tall & $80 / 80€ Alloy Drive Tall all offer extended pump chambers. They are each an extra 9cm/3.5″ longer than the standard variants to get tires up to pressure faster, but also a back saver for taller home & professional mechanics!


    • Collin S on

      This. If the valve core isn’t sinched down with plyers or a valve core tool, its very easy to unscrew the core when unscrewing the hose on these pumps. Then the 100 pumps of air goes out of the tube and your back to square one.

    • Alejandro Emmanuel Rivera on

      I changed my pump head to BBB (cheap taiwan brand) and it’s been working flawlessly for the last two years. No need to bin the entire pump.

  1. Joe H on

    Have the original pressure drive pump and it’s never let me down. Absolutely love it and welcome this smaller version too 🙂

  2. Matthew on

    “Less is more” until you’re on the side of the road and have to do six and a half million strokes to inflate a tire because they shrank the volume of the pump. Then “more is more”. I’ll stick with my frame pump, thanks.


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