Innes Graham, once one of the fastest Downhill racers on the UK scene, suffered a horrible injury at the 2016 Lenzerheide World Cup Round, leading to his departure from racing and riding mountain bikes altogether. I can’t tell you how delighted the UK, and in particular, Scottish mountain biking scene, are to see Innes back riding a mountain bike after a 3-4 year hiatus. The skill this lad lays down on his Radon Slide Trail bike is next level. “Racing killed the Love” is Innes’ story documenting his return to riding dirt, executed into a fine production by Sleeper Co. It may be the first time you watch it but it most certainly won’t be the last.

Photo by Tommy Wilkinson @ DW Agency

Innes Graham in “Racing Killed the Love”

Presented by Radon Bikes

Filmed, Directed & Edited by Max Rendall

Additional footage from Tom Caldwell & Glen Thomson

Featuring Phil Atwill

Photography by Innes Graham

Photo by Tommy Wilkinson @ DW Agency


Cult of the damned – Civilized (Instrumental version)

“Positive vibes” sample from Dabbla – Psychoville

Ancient Kingdoms in this world – Instrumental

I-O-U By datrump

A slow moving thought – Fairlight (Instrumental)

Free old Kanye West type beat – Dillygotitbumping

Autumn – Out of flux


  1. First photo makes it look like the bike has the tiniest stub of a seatpost on a mast with two thin spars. Which would be super dope if not completely pointless.

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