All-City announced 2020 updates for two of their OG models – the Big Block and Thunderdome. Both only sport a single gear, for use as a simple commuter or velodrome-racing machine, but differ in materials and execution. The best part? Complete bikes start at just $999.

All-City has expanded their offerings over the years, but perhaps no frame embodies their spirit like the Big Block. The frame keeps it simple with 612 chromoly steel that’s double-butted in the main triangle. E.D. coating helps to prevent rust from rearing its ugly head.

The 4130 chromoly fork is lugged and features tapered blades.

A brazed-on seat collar keeps your saddle height in check.

When we talk All-City, we always have to talk about dropouts. For the Big Block, they opted for this big mouthful: “All-City Signature investment-cast stainless steel Hennepin Bridge track dropouts with built-in chain tensioner“.

Tire clearance is quoted at 700 x 32mm maximum, or 700 x 28mm with fenders.

The Big Block sells as a frameset for $550, or a complete bike for $999. Basic spec includes a Tektro R539 mid reach front brake, an All-City 612 165mm track crank w/ 46t ring, and a 17t rear cog.

The Thunderdome is more of a racer’s machine, sporting a 7000-series aluminum frame. The fork comes courtesy of Whisky, with their No.7 Rd Tapered model.

The rear dropouts are reinforced with stainless steel for longevity and many wheel changes.

Tire clearance is considerably less than the Big Block, at 700 x 25mm maximum.

The Thunderdome is available as a frameset for $750 – and now as a complete bike for the first time, for $1,599. Basic spec includes a Tektro R325 mid reach front brake, an All-City 612 track crank w/ 49t ring, and a 17t rear cog.

Both bikes are available immediately from All-City retailers. For more information and geometry charts, check out the link below.

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