The last time we checked in with HED, their Eroica Carbon gravel wheels were fresh from the mold and on display at Eurobike. Originally, the plan was to launch the carbon versions along with their aluminum siblings in the week following the show. But as things sometimes go, the carbon variants saw a bit of a delay in their official availability. Fast forward to the present, and that’s exactly what HED is announcing today – the wheels are finally available and are just as impressive.

2020 HED Eroica gravel bike wheels in carbon or aluminum 2020 HED Eroica gravel bike wheels in carbon or aluminum

As a refresher, the Eroica Carbon is a mid-depth 700c, tubeless-ready carbon gravel bike wheelset made in the US, featuring HED’s premium 8° engagement, 5-pawl aluminum 545 hubs. The asymmetric rims feature HED’s DNA rim shaping & spoke drilling tech like we saw in the recent Raptor MTB wheels – patent-pending Dual-Axis Nipple Alignment. It essentially means that at each of the 24 spokes, its holes are aligned with the push & pull, left & right of the spoke for perfect load distribution.

2020 HED Eroica gravel bike wheels in carbon or aluminum

The shape of the rim then slightly undulates to reinforce the actual loads at each spoke hole, and in between extra material is removed. This creates slight twists & bulges along the nose of the rim profile, which can be seen when you take a close look at the carbon fiber orientation.

HED Everywhere with the new HED Eroica Carbon Gravel bike wheels

The result is an impressively light rim with a 25mm internal width and 30mm depth that results in a complete wheelset weight of around 1340g. Priced at $2,195, the tubeless wheels ship with tape and valves and include a five year warranty. For now, the wheels will only be available in 700c.


  1. I do like the subtle “undulation” but are they taking a couple mm’s off a 30mm deep rim or adding a couple to a 25mm deep rim?
    …and they say “carbon” on the rim, K-Pop will love these!!

    • These shouldn’t be carbon at all. If you’re going to name something “Eroica” start layering the glue on your 32h double eyeleted box section aluminum rims and pull on your retro wool jersey.

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