Strava’s got a few big updates in the works, but they’ve just rolled out several small ones worth a shout out. The feature we’re most excited about is the Mobile Edit addition.

Ever finish a ride, rack your bike and drive home only to realize you’ve left your computer running? And then the haters ding you for ruining their precious segments from your car? And then you have to waste time logging in from your computer (which means you have to find that darn password) and then edit the ride to cut off the drive?

Yeah, us too. And sometimes, maybe, some people (we hear) might not ever get around to doing that. Which is understandable if also unforgivable to KOM chasers.

Now you can edit your ride from the mobile app. Quickly, easily, and in seconds, all the haters will disappear and you can feel good about yourself again.

Strava (finally) lets you edit routes on mobile app, and other updates


Other new and updated features include:

  • Apple Healthkit – Better integration of your activity data synced with the Healthkit app
  • Cadence Graph – Your cadence will now show up in your performance analysis as a graph, similar to power, speed, etc., so you can see how things like grade affect your pedaling speed. This, along with the next bullet point, are both part of a paid subscription plan only.
  • Power to Relative Effort – Just another metric to show how much you’re suffering. Or not.
  • Multi-sport Improvements – They’ve added or improved things like Fitness 360 that give you a more holistic look at your workouts and fitness levels. They’ve also added new challenge types that work better for multi-sport athletes and improved privacy settings so you can compete in more Challenge types without having to reduce your privacy levels.


    • Leo sho-silva on

      It was terrible in the past, it would give average heart rate rather than actual heart rate while out on the road.. That’s no good

  1. Cycloaddict on

    The Strava user interface / user experience (UI/UX) remains severely lacking and non-intuitive.

    I post rides on the site (by pushing them from another app) so my friends can see my routes and that’s it. The way users access data via the Strava web site and app is like running a 3-legged race in a straight jacket IMO

  2. Jeb on

    Strava has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. No surprise they tossed their last CEO. Their complete ignorance toward what customers wanted has killed them…oh and eMopeds.


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