Pacenti Cycle Design announced the Picco 46, a new disc brake-compatible carbon wheel set. As the name suggests, the rims have a depth of 46mm – but the real story is the width. Like many other new wheels of today, they’ve gone wide… all the way to a max width of 29.4mm. The rims are made for road or gravel use, with a minimum tire size of 28mm.

Pacenti Picco 46mm carbon road & gravel wheels

Pacenti isn’t new to wide rims, but the new Picco 46 represent a technological leap into the modern era of rim depth, width, materials, and a lack of bead hooks. We’ve seen similar products emerge from the likes of ENVE, Alto, and others – creating a package of do-it-all performance for training or racing.

The rim has an internal width of 24mm. This means that it will increase the actual inflated size of your tire beyond what the label says, so keep this in mind when considering frame clearance. Pacenti notes a minimum tire size of 28mm (we presume this to be the labeled size).

You can run tubed or tubeless clincher tires, and Pacenti does not mention any restrictions on tire brand or model. Maximum pressures are as follows:

  • 700 x 28 max pressure 85psi (5.8bar)
  • 700 x 30 max pressure 70psi (4.8bar)

They also note the following with regards to pressure:

“We recommend you allow a sliding scale for tire pressures. As a general rule, the wider the tire is (more air volume) the less air pressure you’ll need to achieve a fast but compliant ride. Experiment with tire size and air pressures to work out the best combination of volume and pressure for your intended terrain and overall riding style. Air pressure recommendations from the tire manufacturers are a good starting point but should not exceed 70psi for this rim.

NOTE: We have yet to find a floor pump with an accurate gauge, we use a digital gauge during testing and when setting up new tyres.”

Hub information is limited, but they contain TPI bearings and offer freehub compatibility with Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo (no word on Microspline). The standard spoke count is 24 front and rear, with no rider weight limit.

The Picco 46 is available now for £1,199.00 per pair. The price includes a lifetime warranty for the original owner, with proof of purchase.


  1. Hookless? No thanks. I’d rather not trade off piece of mind regarding safety (and the ability run tubed tires and other tires only compatible on hooked rims) for the theoretical benefit of a hooked rim.

    • And before someone tells me I need to read the article where it says “You can run tubed or tubeless clincher tires, and Pacenti does not mention any restrictions on tire brand or model.” I just don’t truest Pacenti on that, especially when GP 5000 says hooked rims only and hearing numerous stories about tires coming off hookless rims at ‘higher’ pressures.

  2. Are hooked rims that much of a disadvantage (higher price/manufacturing complexity/consumer breakage) to not use them? I believe the proposed ETRTO/ISO tubeless rim standard has hooks and that is what I shall buy because I like the idea of compatibility between tire and rim.

    • Bitex has a Micropline body, but for whatever reason BR didn’t post my reply with the link. It’s there, all you have to do is look.

  3. Hooked rim adds one more step to manufacturing in the layup process as you need to roll a strip and stick that on to create the hook, and the rim removal from the mold after it’s cured is a big more tricky due to the hooked bead, just more complex mold in general.

    Hookless for road is just a a lazy approach. It doesn’t even need to be full hooked, a slight inward angle is better than hookless. This Pacenti is doesn’t have Kirk Pacenti as a product developer anymore, it’s just unfortunate really.

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